#1017 Jill


Rare :
Type : Handgun(HG)

Illustrator : 小吃
Voice :

Buildtime : Can't build
Obtain :

Skin : Model Warrior
HP : - POW : - HIT : - Dodge : -
Speed : - Rate : - AP : 15 Crit : 20%
Armor : - Bullet : - bullets

Mixing Time

Cooldown: 16s,Big Beer Armor Increase: 20%,Big Beer Damage and Accuracy Increase: 25%,Big Beer Duration: 8s,Brandtini Damage and Accuracy Increase: 25%,Brandtini Duration: 8s,Piano Woman Damage Increase: 20%,Piano Woman Evasion Increase: 60%,Piano Woman Duration: 8s,Moonblast Rate of Fire Increase: 22%,Moonblast Duration: 8s,Bleeding Jane Crit Rate Increase: 25%,Bleeding Jane Duration: 8s,Fringe Weaver Damage Increase: 35%,Fringe Weaver Damage and Accuracy Decrease: 15%,Fringe Weaver Duration: 5s,Suger Rush Damage Increase: 18%,Suger Rush Duration: 8s
Initial CD : 6s, CD : 16s

Buffs All Types, Damage by 40% Accuracy by 40%

Introduce :
Hey, call me Jill, Boss... You know what, can I just call you Commander?
Situation Dialogue
DIALOGUE1 I told you before to call me Jill... Just Jill. I'll pour a Sugar Rush on your head if you dare call me by "that" name.
DIALOGUE2 Hey, Commander, want a drink? I think I should be able to mix something that'll cheer you up.
DIALOGUE3 Do you need some personal space, Fore? I don't mind staying here ~nya... Ahem, Commander, forget what you saw and heard just now... I was just practicing my ventriloquism, that's all.
SOULCONTRACT W-Wait!? This is...for me?
Trying to escape from your bar tab with this isn't funny at all...
Alright alright, I get it. In any case...I still got a bar to run, you know, so start by topping up my fridge with beer.
DIALOGUEWEDDING Alright, enough with making me guess what sort of drinking game you want to play. Do you want to play truth or dare? I'll do anything besides petting a dog. ...Are you serious? "The person I like the most" is such an obvious question... Are you really going to waste a chance to get an honest answer out of me?
GAIN Hey, call me Jill, Boss... You know what, can I just call you Commander?
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