#20064 G36Mod


Rare :
Type : Assault Rifle(AR)

Illustrator : 薯子Imoko
Voice : Koshimizu Ami

Buildtime : Can't build
Obtain :

Skin : X
HP : - POW : - HIT : - Dodge : -
Speed : - Rate : - AP : 15 Crit : 20%
Armor : - Bullet : - bullets

Damage Focus T

Cooldown: 16s,Damage Increase: 75%,Duration: 10s
Initial CD : 4s, CD : 16s

Arclight Contract
Upon Damage Focus's activation, increase the evasion of allies on her tiles by 25% for 5 seconds. Furthermore, increase her own rate of fire by 10% per ally on her tiles for 5 seconds, max 2 stacks.

Buffs SMG, Damage by 30% ROF by 15%

Introduce :
Guten tag. I will exclusively serve as your maid from now on, master.
Situation Dialogue
DIALOGUE1 My little sister sometimes comes to my dorm to sleep with me... Goodness, it's not like she's a child anymore.
DIALOGUE2 Master, these are the notes for the upcoming meeting. I've highlighted the key points, so you can use them directly.
DIALOGUE3 Master, do you enjoy teasing me while I'm at work?
GAIN Master, my services will be comprehensively upgraded. Please enjoy the experience.
SOULCONTRACT I have only been able to give my all because you need me, Master.
From now on, please let me stay by your side as your bespoke maid.
ALLHALLOWS Commander, you shouldn't spoil everyone so much. You've given out too much candy tonight. They might not be able to go into battle if they get cavities.
DIALOGUEWEDDING It's going to be another busy day today, yet you're the only one that knows how hardworking I am... So, is there anything you'd like me to get for you? I'll continue to keep this a secret from everyone.
Manpower Ammuntion Ration Parts Percentage