#249 62 Shiki


Rare :
Type : Machine Gun(MG)

Illustrator : かれい
Voice :

Buildtime : Can't build
Obtain :

Skin : 축제 나들이
HP : - POW : - HIT : - Dodge : -
Speed : - Rate : - AP : 15 Crit : 5%
Armor : - Bullet : 9bullets

Strike Focus MG

Increase damage by 45% and accuracy by 65% for 6 seconds.
Initial CD : 8s, CD : 18s

Buffs SG, Armor by 8% Accuracy by 18%

Modify Doll info

Introduce :
62 Shiki, reporting for duty! Nice to meet you, Commander! ...Hey, say something.
Situation Dialogue
DIALOGUE1 It seems like all the Dolls here are girls...although I do know of some Doll companies that use male Dolls as their unique selling point. Is this what's popular nowadays?
DIALOGUE2 Never in the science fiction films of the past would they have imagined that war in the future would be waged by a bunch of female robots with guns under a commander... Feels kinda lame, doesn't it?
DIALOGUE3 Uuwah you're so noisy! Don't you have anything else to do? Like some important work somewhere?
SOULCONTRACT How are you feeling, Commander? ...Are you nervous?
In the science fiction films of the past, humans and robots have always worked together to solve great problems.
I think our story will be even more exciting than the movies.
DIALOGUEWEDDING Now that you're more and more competent at your work, you leave me no openings to poke fun at you anymore, Commander. I kind of miss it when you were a little more clumsy.
GAIN 62 Shiki, reporting for duty! Nice to meet you, Commander! ...Hey, say something.
NEWYEAR I'm dedicating the entire day today to cleaning up the dormitory! Should I clean the Commander's room as well?
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