#1018 SEI


Rare :
Type : Handgun(HG)

Illustrator : NIN
Voice :

Buildtime : Can't build
Obtain :

Skin : Best Friend's Casual Dress
HP : - POW : - HIT : - Dodge : -
Speed : - Rate : - AP : 15 Crit : 20%
Armor : - Bullet : - bullets

White Knight's Shield

Cooldown: 10s,Base Shield HP: 32,Duration: 5s
Initial CD : 6s, CD : 10s

Buffs All Types, Damage by 30% Evasion by 20%

Introduce :
Master Specialist, Sei P. Asagiri of the 765th Division Valkyrie Corps, at your service!
Situation Dialogue
DIALOGUE1 I long to help people, just as people have helped me. When I see you, Commander, I realize that there are others who like to stick their noses into things just like I do, which makes me very happy.
DIALOGUE2 The White Knights helmet is just too comfortable, to the point that I often forget it's still on my head... Have you had an experience like that before, Commander? Like looking for the glasses on your nose or a key that's already in the lock?
DIALOGUE3 Whether it's being a White Knight, Stella's bodyguard, or a Griffin employee...I haven't been able to get away from violent conflicts at all. Maybe this is my life.
SOULCONTRACT Is this...uhm, is this for me? But, uhm, what will Stella think...?
Aw, honestly... I'm just no good with this kind of thing.
Commander, please consider this carefully. If you truly mean it, then I'll give you everything I have...
DIALOGUEWEDDING Ever since that time, I keep recalling the embarrassing things you said to me every time I see you, Commander. Ah, but I was very happy to hear those words, of course!
How shall I put this... I've always felt that I often say the wrong things by accident and make people upset...
Yet, you're able to accept all of my faults and accomplish our goals together... I'm really happy that I met you.
GAIN Master Specialist, Sei P. Asagiri of the 765th Division Valkyrie Corps, at your service!
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