Spring Festival - Bridge over the River

The water under the bridge flows merrily by~ This is a nice start for a kid's song! - Type88
Heh, a kid would twist the lyrics into something bad. - NZ75

Comfort +1000

Spring Festival - Limestone Stool (Left)

What I like about this stool is that you can lay it flat in any direction and ride on it like a wooden horse! - Type59
Hey, be careful! You'll tumble over again! - Type63

Comfort +800

Spring Festival - Lotus Blossom Pond

Hey, sis, what's this setup for? You even need to change the water... - Type97
This will be the ingredient for tonight's fried lotus root. - Type95
Wait! This little pond is real?! - Type97

Comfort +950

Spring Festival - Fireworks Stall

Don't go wild during a festival and avoid littering or causing safety issues. - Type97S
What if we just sing and dance? - Type56R
I doubt anyone will be able to keep up with those songs and dances from your era... - Type97S

Comfort +850

Spring Festival - Tanghulu Stall

Everything besides hawthorn should be eliminated from the world of candied fruits! - Type79
Waaahh! Please have mercy on candy apple! - M99

Comfort +1000

Spring Festival - Crafts Stall

It's not like you to make so many of these. - Type79
The leftovers can be kept for the Lantern Festival...or even the Mid-Autumn Festival. - Type92

Comfort +1000

Spring Festival - Limestone Railing

This is a traditional Chinese fitness equipment, you know? - Type59
Hey, you guys! Stop using that as a horizontal bar. You'll fall again! - Type63

Comfort +900

Spring Festival - Reunion Lanterns

Watching the lanterns together as a family is really great, isn't it? - Type95
Heh, coming back once in a while... It's not that bad I suppose. - Type97

Comfort +1100

Spring Festival - Limestone Floor

Who do these simple and neat floor tiles remind you of? - M99
Err...the grandpa that exercises in the park? - Type56-1
He's our teacher... -M99

Comfort +850

Spring Festival - Limestone Table

Wanna go for another round? Whoever loses will be in charge of dinner tonight! - Type56-1
(Sigh) Just say it if you want me to cook... You know I'm not good at Gomoku... -Type64

Comfort +1000

Spring Festival - Money Tree

We won't need to worry about money anymore if it's real. - Type92
Work hard to earn your keep! Don't rely on wishful thinking! - Type56R

Comfort +1150

Spring Festival - Lights in the Night Sky

Everyone wishes for happiness no matter the era, but why is it that... - Type64
That's why we exist. - Type56-1

Comfort +850

Spring Festival - Treasure Boat

Set out! We're heading for the mountain of gold! - Type88
Save it, that's just a picture! - M99
It doesn't matter even if it's a picture! Let me escape reality! - Type88

Comfort +1150

Spring Festival - Wishing Lantern

Legend has it that this was invented by the world's smartest person. - Type97S
Yet it wasn't able to fulfill his wish. - NZ75

Comfort +950

Spring Festival - Limestone Stool (Right)

The benefit of such a stool is that you can lay it flat on any direction and ride on it like a wooden horse! - Type 59
Hey, be careful! Don't tumble over again! - Type 63

Comfort +800