Subway 2063 - Subway Bench

This isn't a suitable bench for chance meetings. It's only good for waiting for the trains.

Comfort +1100

Subway 2063 - Subway Train Schedule

A reminder of how much time you have before you need to look away from your phone. Perhaps you should've put it away a long time ago and did something proper for once.

Comfort +1000

Subway 2063 - Subway Ticket Gate

A machine for testing human intelligence. Tests include how to swipe metro passes and how to bring large pieces of luggage through the gates.

Comfort +1100

Subway 2063 - Subway Ticket Machine

The obstacles in your path to your faraway destination: your fellow human beings that take forever to find the change for a subway ticket.

Comfort +1100

Subway 2063 - Subway Management Server

Like the humans passing by, its way to express exhaustion is to die and leave a mess.

Comfort +1050

Subway 2063 - Subway Service Desk

Thousands pass by every day, but it does not mean that she isn't lonely.

Comfort +1150

Subway 2063 - Subway Passengers Hologram Projection

I hear the winds from the subway and the sea of people. I'm lining up with a number plate but they were all stolen away.

Comfort +1200

Subway 2063 - Platform Barricade

How pitiful is it that people only pay attention to it when it fails to do what it was created to do.

Comfort +950

Subway 2063 - Platform Floor Tiles

Perhaps there's a story behind every footprint. Whose path will you coincide with?

Comfort +1000

Subway 2063 - Platform Wall

The world outside has already fallen asleep, yet there are many that had just awakened from their dreams.

Comfort +1000

Subway 2063 - Subway Train (Tail End)

This metal can is always stuffed full of food, but the reality is that a real monster has never appeared before.

Comfort +1200

Subway 2063 - Subway Train Car

You need a seat, a book, and a talking black cat to remind you what you're doing right now.

Comfort +1200

Subway 2063 - Platform Next Stop Sign

If you have a destination in mind then you'll know this detour isn't that big of a deal.

Comfort +950