Moonlight Ball - Python Patterned Bench

When the design itself can no longer define luxury, people turn their attention to the materials used, so many wild animals were made into furniture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Comfort +1250

Moonlight Ball - Persian Rug

This magnificent handmade Persian rug is a real antique borrowed from Mr. Kruger's private collection to keep up appearances, so try not to step on it. Hey, hey, P7!

Comfort +1150

Moonlight Ball - Bust Sculpture

You know this is a downright despotic enterprise when you see a sculpture of the head of the company in the corridor.

Comfort +1050

Moonlight Ball - Pipe Organ

From Bach to Mendelssohn, the organ has always been the most dominant weapon in the composer's hands. Now, it is equipped with an electric blower, making it much easier to use.

Comfort +1300

Moonlight Ball - Zeppelin Airship

Even if it has long been rendered obsolete, an airship will forever fantasize about casting its huge, elegant shadow on the face of the earth. An airplane can never compare in this regard.

Comfort +1250

Moonlight Ball - Classical Round Table

Spread on the gorgeous table is an old sheepskin scroll that has documented the extravagant recipes of the artistocrats from the past. Perhaps we should have Springfield take a look at it.

Comfort +1150

Moonlight Ball - Marble Tiles

Heels of the crystal slippers fill the ball with the sound of crisp clinks. The marble floor reflects the girls' gorgeous figures. At least for tonight, let the music continue.

Comfort +1100

Moonlight Ball - Crystal Chandelier

A crystal chandelier was once the product of craftsmen's years of experience and hardwork and was a symbol of wealth and status due to its high cost and difficulty in cleaning. Now they can simply be 3D printed.

Comfort +1200

Moonlight Ball - Spiral Staircase

A huge spiral staircase is essential for a grand entrance to a ball and as a temporary seating for tactical girls that are not accustomed to wearing high heels. Very practical.

Comfort +1300

Moonlight Ball - Palace Walls

Walls, hallways, and floor-to-ceiling windows that always appear in fairy tale castles. People like splendorous architecture so much that they started a neoclassical movement.

Comfort +1100

Moonlight Ball - Sword and Shield Decoration

"Will our guns also be hung up on a wall as a decoration someday?" "They will. Perhaps when the world achieves world peace~ or when they come up with an even more convenient way of killing people."

Comfort +1150