Candy Town - Sunshine Bubblegum Floor

Too many people walking on it will cause it to become bubbles and rise into the sky, so there are usually multiple layers of bubblegum flooring. It also helps to keep track of the number of daily visitors.

Comfort +1100

Candy Town - Long Cream Biscuit Road

The long and thin Pokey sticks each have individual and deep thoughts. They will cause any trespassing car to slide off completely.

Comfort +1200

Candy Town - Crunchy Ice Cream Road Sign

Carving on it is a task full of ordeals. Many people will either break the crunchy outer layer accidentally or eat it carefully.

Comfort +1050

Candy Town - Candy Jar Country Soldier

The Candy Jar Country and Snack Barrel Country often go to war over cream. The loser will have no choice but to use their milk powder as paint for that month.

Comfort +1150

Candy Town - Snack Barrel Country Soldier

Wars between the two countries often stall because the soldiers ate their own weapons. In the end, they decide victory through honey-drinking competitions.

Comfort +1150

Candy Town - Frosty Ice Cream Streetlights

Because it melts so easily, it can only be used at night... Oh? Don't human streetlights function on the same principle?

Comfort +1200

Candy Town - Dreamy Smoothie Shop

Will sweets be sold in a city built from candies? Or will a world where humans and animals coexist peacefully have zoos?

Comfort +1200

Candy Town - Mocha Cocoa Racecar

It was tough getting my hands on a genuine racecar like this! After all, mocha art had disappeared from the human world long ago!

Comfort +1250

Candy Town - Chocolate Profiterole Bench

Although it's comfortable, don't sleep on it for too long. It will melt if you dream of warm things.

Comfort +1200

Candy Town - Catty Cake Bus

Do you know what sort of candies you like? Let's go to the library to find out! You might not be the only tourist here!

Comfort +1300

Candy Town - Candy Town Vista

At the end of every year, the citizens of Candy Town will vote to dismantle the most successful facility in town, then pack it into Santa's bag to be distributed to children.

Comfort +1100

Candy Town - Dessert Treasure Ship

You're leaving on this flight? We'll be waiting for your next visit! Remember! Even if you wake up, you will forever be a part of Candy Town!

Comfort +1100