Sleeping Beasties

A soft setup designed to be slept on. You feel as if you'll level up just by sleeping on it... Not! Quit dreaming! Experience can only be gained through hard work!

Comfort +850

Goodnight Violin Rack

"There are only three violin sonatas that don't require accompaniment! I-If you go to bed on time, I MIGHT play some for you..." WA2000, who moved her violin rack into the bedroom a week ago, is bribing somebody important to rest more while blushing furiously.

Comfort +950

Never-ending Night Wine Rack

The champagne rack seems to be a staple at all anniversary parties. Every guest would take a flute in their hand, then hand it back to the waiter, completely untouched. Even so, the Queen in Radiance still clinks glasses with everyone with a smile, reminiscing about the past year before the night is over.

Comfort +950

Kiana's Dress

Kiana's Poster

Comfort +750

Bronya - Bronya's Armor

Bronya's Poster

Comfort +750

Seele - Seele's Ceremony

Seele's Poster

Comfort +750