Sound of Recollection

These precious mementoes are only for those Commanders who attended the first concert hosted by Griffin. To some extent, all sounds are recollections, more or less, for you and me.

Comfort +1000

Old-School Arcade

Once known for its wild style and gorgeous graphics, it was an arcade fighting game that brought the hype. "This is the girls' declaration of war. Prepare yourself!"

Comfort +1300

FAL Memento

This precious souvenir was only granted to those who joined FAL's 3D-modeling event and the Commanders who graciously invested money to support it. "Nothing is easy in life...that's what makes it interesting, right?"

Comfort +950


TapTap exclusive commemorative furniture.

Comfort +1000

Old-School Rhythm Arcade Machine

Made famous by its simple gameplay and its excellent music, this arcade machine once led the wave of rhythm games among humans. "From L to O to V and E, you give the meaning of my life to me."

Comfort +1000

Crystal Ball of Dreams

I hope that what she saw, her memories, and her feelings will be relayed to you through this new song, even in this devastated world. "My heart right now... It's Only For You."

Comfort +1000

Elite Adventurer Medal

To commemorate the extraordinary adventures of the Commander and T-Dolls of Griffin.

Comfort +750

Winter Trip

UMP45's Poster

Comfort +750

Marching Band

SPAS-12's Poster

Comfort +750