Seaside Lodge - Changing Room Floor

A stone floor is easy to wash but hard to sweep. It's a chore in itself to explain to a robot the difference between patterns and dust.

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Beach Rug

The rippling of the waves has been blown straight by the sea breeze... That's how the designer explained the design.

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Surfboard Rack

Looking cool while surfing can bring much joy to oneself, but failures while surfing can bring even more joy to everyone else.

Comfort +500

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Food Cabinet

Do you want any dessert? You've already survived the toughest period of dieting, so it's now time to take revenge on your fate!

Comfort +550

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Table

You focus solely on the delicious cakes and drinks while ignoring the table that carries these blessings. Everything that exists has a meaning!

Comfort +400

Seaside Lodge - Beach Wine Cabinet

Please practice moderation in drinking while in the company of friends and a deck of cards. The game and the jokes should be moderate as well.

Comfort +500

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Trolley

Listening to the waves while consuming alcohol and CO2 is also a way of life. After all, freedom is when you let yourself go for those few hours.

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Changing Room

Please remember your own number to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Please do not hammer on the door after closing it.

Comfort +550

Seaside Lodge - Locker Room

Photography and video recording are forbidden within the area, as is taking others' swimwear... Yes, T-Dolls too, especially them due to precedents.

Comfort +650

Seaside Lodge - Green Leisure Sofa

Please clean off the seawater and sand from your skirt before sitting. Sigh, this sofa is already salty enough...

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Red Leisure Sofa

Leather sofas are not suitable for direct contact with wet skin, please cover up your body before resting on it.

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Changing Room Bench

Can be used for many purposes other than sleeping. However, rules are made to be broken!

Comfort +500

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Wallpaper

Did this building have overly lavish wallpaper first or overly ornate chandeliers first? Money really is the root of one's troubles.

Comfort +450

Seaside Lodge - Lounge Chandelier

Is it too extravagant for a lounge? Let's just make the wallpapers more stylish then! ...I really want to try saying that for once.

Comfort +500

Seaside Lodge - Beach Row Boat

You need to overcome many difficulties when rowing this, such as the wind, the waves, and your teammates who aren't really in sync with you.

Comfort +550

Seaside Lodge - Seaview Window

The beautiful holidays are ending, but you've never really left behind what's outside. After all, humans are not tourists to the natural world.

Comfort +600