Halloween Town - Rotting Nation

The rotting weeds wail beneath your feet, but you continue on helplessly, for someone must uncover the secret. What is the secret? The method of your death.

Comfort +850

Halloween Town - Fogless Stone Path

You may think that such a stone path is enough to stop the zombies from breaking out from the ground, but the creeping sounds from beneath the stone tiles may hint at even scarier things.

Comfort +850

Halloween Town - Dark Forest

The flashing shadows and muffled roars make one believe that this is a road of no return, and that the unknown is just as mystifying as death. Perhaps it is better to say that there's no difference between the two.

Comfort +1000

Halloween Town - Fantasy Candy House

On it is written "take only one". You have a feeling that the children that disregard the sign will be grabbed by - something - inside the tree.

Comfort +900

Halloween Town - Bonfire of the Undead

You feel alive sitting next to the bonfire. Perhaps your darkness is in search of the flames, drawing you to a path of destruction and obtaining life anew.

Comfort +900

Halloween Town - Grave Ruins

The direction that the tombstone fell in seems to be pointing to a certain place. You don't know what this means, but hopefully it's just a harmless prank.

Comfort +900

Halloween Town - Unicorn Spirit

A unicorn who seems to have a "thin" skin is awaiting your help. With just a whistle, it will bring you to where it wants to go.

Comfort +950

Halloween Town - Evil Road Sign

You can't clearly see what is written on it, but you still touch it anyway. Life is just like that: The less one's burden, the easier their death is.

Comfort +850

Halloween Town - Slave Fence

You hear the sounds of chains being dragged on the other side of the fence, yet you can't see anything. You decide to leave before the sounds approach you, lest you encounter the source of the sounds face to face.

Comfort +900

Halloween Town - The End of Fear

This thing is inviting you to enter and have a drink and relax a bit. Pray that you'll be able to leave before dawn, otherwise hope that you'll simply never wake up.

Comfort +1100

Halloween Town - Bride's Resting Place

You hear the whispers of a young girl that lies here, waiting for a certain person's ring to awaken her. Perhaps...ice cream will work as well.

Comfort +1000

Halloween Town - Witch's Bucket

You knock on the bucket, and from within a rough voice shouts "lots of buckets here, take your pick!" Maybe next time...in the bar.

Comfort +900

Halloween Town - Magical Carriage

Looking into the carriage, you see that Cinderella isn't inside. There isn't anyone inside at all. You can hide inside if danger comes, assuming that the carriage doesn't eat you first.

Comfort +1050

Halloween Town - Pathway of Exile

You've heard before that only criminals would step on this land. They would either lose their life and disappear, or lose their souls and become this place's new master.

Comfort +850

Halloween Town - Evil Spirit's Castle

At long last, the great gates of the city have opened for you. What is it that lies within your heart that will allow you to survive this night? Perhaps this is the answer.

Comfort +1000