Garden Tea Party - Garden House Floor Tiles

A soft floor that exudes an atmosphere of calmness. "Soon the paths filled with our footprints will connect together. One day it will become a signal of light guiding one to their future."

Comfort +500

Garden Tea Party - Miniature Lawn

A lawn filled with small little flowers. "The only memories I have are of the footprints when we first met and the fragrant flowers beneath our feet."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Garden House Glass Wall

A glass wall that is able to keep the bad weather away. "Sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days, doesn't matter what kind of day it is, there are 28 weather forecasters here!"

Comfort +700

Garden Tea Party - Tea Party Table

A table to place desserts and drinks on. "The silver spoon is soaring through the sky, eating the melting moon bite by bite."

Comfort +600

Garden Tea Party - Short Grass Hedge

A meticulously trimmed grass hedge. "I know who you are. You're a high wall that I must cross over, as you want to make me fall and cry."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Small Flower Bed

A small decorative flower bed. "The birds fly freely through the sky, they will surely understand the song of the wind; the flowers bloom gloriously, they will surely fall into an eternal dream."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Blossoming Flowers

A freshly bloomed bed of young flowers. "The newly budded flowers guide me on my journey, in order to reach the distance, in order to reach your side."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Mature Flowers

A fully bloomed bed of vivid flowers. "That which greets us here is the world's warmest spring. Just listen, it's the voice of the flowers!"

Comfort +650

Garden Tea Party - Hanging Flowers

Decorative flowers hanging in the air. "Lightly sketched ripples, lightly the flower petals wither; swayingly sketched an arc, swayingly the butterflies begin to dance."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Garden Sofa

A sofa for tea parties. "Bear! Where? Here! I found it! Snowy white and soft! White mocha, nice and warm, let's chat together with this warm feeling!"

Comfort +600

Garden Tea Party - Dusk Wilderness

A vista of a plain at dusk. "Running on the road that only appears once a year, basking in the dusk like an adult. Those of us that live in an hourglass, what are we? We can only use what little time we have left to find out."

Comfort +500

Garden Tea Party - Thicket

A huge decorative thicket. "Light spills down between the trees as the flashing drops of water sing. What my eyes see in my deep sleep is a dream that you once had."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Garden Fountain

A classic rock fountain. "I cannot become an angel. I can only become a flower by the water, so that I may soothe your heart."

Comfort +550

Garden Tea Party - Flamingo

The lost creature, the flamingo...decoration. "Even if we can't fly in the sky, we must have the wings of dreams. That's why you must let your sweat flow. Grow up quickly and we’ll conquer the skies someday!"

Comfort +600