King's Tailor - "Ancient Style" Floor

Always remember the classical and traditional things so that you may destroy them at any time with precision.

Comfort +500

King's Tailor - "Repeated Usage" Carpet

Would you throw away a carpet just because of a wine stain? If so, scars would all be the same as failures.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Starting Plan" Cabinet

In order to reach one's goals, it is important to carry out many plans. But what's more important is to discard even more plans.

Comfort +700

King's Tailor - "Think Twice" Cupboard

When you have not obtained power yet, you must be careful in speech and action. When you do have power, you must be even more careful.

Comfort +600

King's Tailor - "Don't Play With Fire" Sewing Table

Always know what your bottom line is. If you don't know, find out.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Self Examination" Standing Mirror

Remember yourself at this moment. Ensure that you are still like this when the mission has ended.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Exemplary Style" Wardrobe

An adequate supply of clothing means that you can still make it to your appointment on time after a mission. Time is forever more precious than money.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Alternative Compromise" Wardrobe

When negotiations come to a standstill, you should pick your conditions from the most to the least important -- "Compromise is within everyone's view...and this is my compromise."

Comfort +650

King's Tailor - "Superficial Effort" Round Table

Dressing up and proper etiquettes are a kind of self-restraint. You need to distance yourself from those wild beasts through enjoying afternoon tea.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Necessary Virtues" Long Table

You can never be fully prepared, but that is exactly why you can never give up. -- "This world itself is imperfect. That's what makes it so beautiful."

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Widely Known" Chair

You may be alone without support in an inferior position, but that just means that your counterattack will be all the more resplendent. -- "Witness for the last time this sacred heart, for everyone knows that it shall bloom."

Comfort +600

King's Tailor - "Meeting Etiquette" Sofa

Being able to survive the awkward silence before the protagonist arrives is a basic skill of an underground tycoon.

Comfort +600

King's Tailor - "Before the Case" Wallpaper

Don't let go of any clue, no matter how tiny. -- "Any intelligent being can make mistakes. Wolves can; humans can; nobody can avoid making mistakes."

Comfort +500

King's Tailor - "Long-Term Target" Wall Decorations

The target for the future should always come from your past, not from a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Please Don't Knock" Shop Window

Perhaps this door will invite you, or perhaps you need to break and enter through the window. Opportunities are always present, but they're just not easy to notice.

Comfort +550

King's Tailor - "Blow Confusion Away" Fan

Don't be so eager to chase away your confusion. Instead, enjoy it, until you actually get tired of it.

Comfort +600