Pixel Forest - Grassy Lawn for Adventuring

Spread it out on the ground, then you can tie on a bandana with a round gemstone, wear triangular shoulder pads, and embark on a wonderful journey with a gentle symphony in your ear.

Comfort +1100

Pixel Forest - Mysterious Fragile Brick

Have you ever considered that a brick could be more valuable than a copper coin?

Comfort +1150

Pixel Forest - Living Hammock

This hammock will secretly grow while you're asleep, till it's able to eat you, then...it'll start to think about life.

Comfort +1250

Pixel Forest - Alloy Cooking Pot

Make it hotter! Maybe then you can drive it!

Comfort +1200

Pixel Forest - Old Tank

It'll make your battles easier and more spectacular. In the past, you needed to win it through skills rather than with money.

Comfort +1300

Pixel Forest - Pensive Tree Stump

Tree stumps can't think about anything, but you who sits upon it can. This is very fair; you're enjoying its hospitality while it's laughing at you.

Comfort +1100

Pixel Forest - Brawny Sign

Have you ever thought about the feasibility of these oddly-shaped bullets in real life? No? Well, you can try it now.

Comfort +1150

Pixel Forest - Swaying Tent

Rest for a little while longer and immerse yourself just a little more. In the past, people fantasized in order to accept reality, whereas people now fantasize in order to escape it, or change it.

Comfort +1250

Pixel Forest - Passerby Bear

this bear won't hurt people in this world, but you can hurt it... Why don't we do so then? After all, we're the noble humans who can do whatever we want through our free will!

Comfort +1150

Pixel Forest - Forest of the Brave

Explore this expansive forest until you've eaten all the mushrooms, but the game still doesn't end.

Comfort +1100

Pixel Forest - Floating Treehouse

Building such a treehouse not only requires gathering lots of materials, you also need to determine whether your map ceiling is high enough.

Comfort +1150

Pixel Forest - Unwakeable Wine Bottle

Pick up the wine bottle and turn your life upside down. Life itself is a boring thing as there's nothing really worth enjoying besides stories.

Comfort +1100