Biker's Diary - Cement Floor

Just like a professional garage, a floor resistant to dirt and wear is always the best friend of wheels. Feel free to trample upon it if you come across it.

Comfort +450

Biker's Diary - Weapons Cabinet

Wielding a gun on a speeding vehicle is a T-Doll's dream! Purchase this attachment now and get free lessons on fancy single-handed reloading!

Comfort +650

Biker's Diary - Front Desk Tool Cabinet

All the most-wanted necessities for maintenance can be found here, including engine oil, anti-freeze, and of course everyone's favorite friend, WD40!

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Merchandise Cabinet

Models, souvenirs, armbands, or bullets, all of these things can awaken one's hidden desire to become a biker...especially once you realize that you can't afford any of those bikes.

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Parts Showcase

Customized and modified parts tend to give the user an impression of free choice. In truth, everything has already been determined, just like life itself.

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Handle Rack

Compared to the actual handle itself, maybe it's more important that the handle is firmly attached to the bike...especially considering the amount of g force the Commander will endure when riding with a T-Doll.

Comfort +550

Biker's Diary - Tactical Bike

Able to carry a large amount of military tools and even runs on petrol. You can ride it to faraway places, camps, picnics, or to stargaze... Besides escaping doomsday, you can use it to travel to any place.

Comfort +600

Biker's Diary - Bike Display Rack

Specially placed at a prominent location in the store to show the owner's absolute confidence in these bikes, whether it is its craftsmanship, design or added value... So don't get tricked! Just buy the model that you actually need!

Comfort +550

Biker's Diary - Stairway

Standing at a high area and overlooking motorbikes of all shapes and sizes feels just like being at a museum, but the difference being that you can personally ride one home yourself!

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Tough Sofa

This series of sofas with hard textures was specially made for hardcore female T-Dolls. It takes pride in never having been stained by the slightest bit of chocolate or ice cream.

Comfort +700

Biker's Diary - Military Motorbike

Why don't you take it? This war horse longs to return to galloping on the real battlefields instead of living within the fake scenery of war movies!

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Warehouse Window

It's publicly claimed to be a warehouse storing second-hand bikes, but in truth it's specially used for storing the boss' personal bike collection. Even so, the sales staff always secretly take them out for a joyride.

Comfort +450

Biker's Diary - Dismantled Parts Display Wall

A display wall specially designed to create an extraordinary atmosphere within the shop. Children like to stand in front of it and stare. The display items are usually placed high up to avoid letting these fearsome creatures from leaving fingerprints.

Comfort +500

Biker's Diary - Bikes to be Sold

If they're left unsold for a long time, the technicians in the maintenance department will usually dismantle them to use as parts for fixing other bikes. Many stories are left behind, though no one's ever heard of them, but there have been people who've experienced it themselves.

Comfort +550