New World (II) - Plaid Floor Tiles

Alternating colored tiles is a classic design, but requires regular cleaning.

Comfort +460

New World (II) - Fading Wallpaper

The slightly fading wallpaper reminds people of the Golden Age in the '60s of the past century.

Comfort +460

New World (II) - Folding Bed

Stolen from a frontline hospital, the folding bed is much more comfortable than a cardboard box. It even comes with a green rug to provide extra warmth.

Comfort +380

New World (II) - Rotating Stool

This stool used to be in a fast food chain. It's intentionally designed to be uncomfortable so that customers would leave quickly once they finish eating.

Comfort +100

New World (II) - Coat Rack

Even among the ruins of a post-war world, attire is still an important aspect in the lives of ladies and gentlemen, especially since the weather forecasts radioactive rain tomorrow.

Comfort +180

New World (II) - Bottled Water

There's nothing more important than clean drinking water. The reassuring sound of twisting open a fresh bottle is like music to the ear.

Comfort +400

New World (II) - Moving Boxes

These packed-and-ready-to-go boxes are your best friends if you need to frequently move base.

Comfort +220

New World (II) - Heating

Even though the base is being heated throughout, this exquisitely crafted cast metal structure has been retained as ornament.

Comfort +100

New World (II) - Locked Safe

Since no one knows what's the password to this box, it can only be used as a chair. Hope it's not a mini-nuke inside.

Comfort +480

New World (II) - Fast Food Table

A table from a fast food chain, complete with an assortment of sauces and old magazines from 12 years ago. Hardcore nostalgia material.

Comfort +400

New World (II) - Poster

After the war, new calendars are no longer printed, and hot dogs have gone extinct.

Comfort +420

New World (II) - Wall Clock

No, this isn't a work of Salvador Dalí. It's just the result of a vandal bending one of its hands.

Comfort +100

New World (II) - Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan for ensuring air circulation. It also provides some ambiance noise when things get too quiet.

Comfort +180

New World (II) - Wall Lamp

Pull once for light, pull once more for more light. Give it a firm tug, and you'll never be able to turn it off.

Comfort +160

New World (II) - Window

Even though there is no need to worry about invaders, boarding up the windows is simply a tradition in the post-apocolyptic world.

Comfort +460