Convention Craze - Convention Floor

No shoes? No problem. Just step on all the long skirts that drag on the floor.

Comfort +350

Convention Craze - Autograph Table

Please refrain from photographing or video-recording. All that exists here is a human being quietly signing autographs with a big heart of love.

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - Convention Promo Ad

The promo ad is an important aspect of convention-goer attraction, so let's get started! Now is the time to compete with the other booths on who has the louder speakers!

Comfort +450

Convention Craze - Convention Lights

These lights are never too dazzling not because they want to appear ordinary, but because there is always something even more striking at a convention.

Comfort +550

Convention Craze - On-Site Factory Display

Is luck also an aspect of power...? No, luck is everything when it comes to power.

Comfort +450

Convention Craze - Merchandise Crowd

Take advantage of your time in the queue to sensibly reorganize your shopping bags to make a contribution to the orderly conduct of the convention and the harmonious law and unity of the universe.

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - Autograph Crowd

What is this line for? Perhaps it's just a name, or perhaps it's an embodiment of deep respect engraved onto paper.

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - Convention Crowd Barrier

A convention is like a besieged city. The people outside want in, and the people inside want out.

Comfort +400

Convention Craze - On-Site Command Display

Give your order, Commander! By the way, stand here to put yourself into the shoes of an adjutant to experience her job and understand her feelings.

Comfort +600

Convention Craze - Merchandise Showcase

One does not need too many Dinergates in life, and in fact, what DO you need besides the basic life necessities? Perhaps a Dinergate can show you.

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - On-Site Cutout

Life-sized cutout of a Tactical Doll. Sometimes the actual T-Doll in question or her sister will personally retrieve this cutout after the end of a convention.

Comfort +450

Convention Craze - On-Site Photographer

If the lens focal length is really that important then why do we still need image editing software?

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - On-Site Ad Board

Everyone can clearly see this T-Doll is nothing more than a huge decoration...
Until she suddenly moves and shouts "I AM HUNGRY!"

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - Merchandise Table

"Welcome, Commander! You're finally here after lining up for so long in this sea of people! So...since you're here, why don't you buy something?" -- Kalina

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - Merchandise Rack

The majority of these T-Dolls probably don't wish to stay on this rack forever! Please rescue them now!

Comfort +500

Convention Craze - On-Site Command Chair

Anything that has to do with war is decorated in an extravagant manner. That's why the chair in Griffin Control is much more luxurious than this one.

Comfort +400

Convention Craze - Convention Venue

No gods or kings, only man. That's right, there are only humans here! They're all humans!

Comfort +350