Saturday Night Fever - Dance Club Flooring

Smooth and glossy enough to put the flooring outside to shame, this flooring will gradually lose its dignity with each and every spilled drink and dropped snack.

Comfort +850

Saturday Night Fever - Dance Pad

This kind of plebeian entertainment equipment is built upon sophisticated mathematics and artistic designs, so wake up, people! Everything is under the control of the ruling elite!

Comfort +850

Saturday Night Fever - Revelrous Drinks Table

Let's place snacks and drinks on this table and flip everything over all at once! Why shouldn't I? The life we bear is heavier than the table we fling once a year!

Comfort +900

Saturday Night Fever - Party Mini Fridge

To tonight, cheers! ...But don't throw the bottles away, because Type92 will take and sell them.

Comfort +900

Saturday Night Fever - Anniversary Cake

Savor it to your heart's content for all the free souls out there! Just note that every bite adds to your gravitational field!

Comfort +950

Saturday Night Fever - Party Floor Lamp

The light of this lamp serves as a corner of tranquil refuge within the party's neon haze. So what do you want to talk about? The weather? Or do you want to hear a story?

Comfort +900

Saturday Night Fever - Mascot Balloons

Submersed in a beautiful ambience waiting for their own destiny, they will either slowly deflate within a sea of laughter or be popped underfoot by opportunistic pranksters.

Comfort +950

Saturday Night Fever - Party Turntable Mixer

Your guests will still bob their heads to the rhythm no matter how rebellious they claim to be, just like how the motorcyclists that love to roar down the streets will still stop at a red light.

Comfort +1100

Saturday Night Fever - Dance Club Wallpaper

Everything is born from darkness, and even the lively party is but a fleeting moment in time. Once you leave, it'll be very lonely.

Comfort +850

Saturday Night Fever - Night View Window

Are you concerned about the world outside the window? Some are starving and some are crying, so shouldn't you be happier with what you have, just like how salted fruits taste sweeter?

Comfort +950

Saturday Night Fever - Old Party Posters

Some eras are very far gone, while some eras have only recently passed. Nevertheless, they're all times of the past. There's no present, only tomorrow.

Comfort +950

Saturday Night Fever - Revelrous Neon Sign

Let us party tonight! Because the T-Doll depicted by this decoration will surely smash it to bits by tomorrow morning!

Comfort +900

Saturday Night Fever - Star Lights

These are not real stars; the real stars are hidden in a faraway place. Not to mention, they may not be very welcoming of us.

Comfort +1050

Saturday Night Fever - Tiger Couch

The tiger plush doll will not eat you, but the couch might, and then it'll spit you back out in the morning.

Comfort +1000

Saturday Night Fever - Revelrous Sofa Chair

Sitting across from your sofa chair, the other person listens to you intently in the midst of the unchecked cacophony. Perhaps they like you, or perhaps they're drunk, or maybe even both. Tonight may be all the time you have.

Comfort +900