South Sea Pavilion - Square Stone Tiles

It's not flooring. The kids are uncomfortable when playing on it, and some of them even caught a cold. Thus, everyone thinks poorly of it.

Comfort +800

South Sea Pavilion - Little Rainforest Park

Look outside and realize that you're only a short distance away from true nature. Forests that will swallow you up, the sticky air, and cruel mosquitoes all await you.

Comfort +800

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Counter

It provides you with drinks and music. Only customers who buy beverages may change the music, and for a small tip you can adjust the volume too.

Comfort +1050

South Sea Pavilion - Patterned Carpet

Some people may notice the intricate and beautiful patterns. These people are often unhappy with the real world, so be careful hanging around them.

Comfort +900

South Sea Pavilion - Wine Cabinet

The cabinet displays many famous wines and spirits, but they're packed so tightly that changing the bottles out is hard, so they're not for sale.

Comfort +1050

South Sea Pavilion - Potted Banana

The poets saw that the bananas were lonely, and so the poems they wrote for them have endured through the ages, but what exactly is loneliness? Perhaps only the bananas know, or perhaps it is only the bananas that don't know.

Comfort +850

South Sea Pavilion - Potted Dandelion

The historians discovered to their surprise that these ornamental plants had been made into hand fans for over 1000 years. There's no need to make a fuss, though; after all, hand fans have been gone for nearly 50 years!

Comfort +900

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Sofa

Hotel sofas typically only do their job when guests are about to leave, so the only thing they remember are people's backs.

Comfort +1000

South Sea Pavilion - Beverage Cart

Have a drink and forget some of your ideals. Travel can't change anyone, because people are all the same no matter which part of the world you visit.

Comfort +900

South Sea Pavilion - Dessert Cart

Once people think of self-service without limits, they'll eat lots of food even if it tastes bad - mankind created art to fight the thing known as "desire".

Comfort +950

South Sea Pavilion - Breakfast Table

To travel is to eat breakfast in a different seat, take calls in a different room, and consider the things that are bothering you from a different angle.

Comfort +950

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Chair

In inns, chairs like these are mainly used to store luggage. After all, what most people do and what they want to do tend to have no relation to each other.

Comfort +850

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Parrot

Many people can also repeat what you say unconditionally, and you don't need to feed them either. They just have to be bored enough.

Comfort +900

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Square Table

Have a good discussion with your travelling companions about your upcoming plans. Then break them all, one by one, and fully enjoy the little things on your journey.

Comfort +1150

South Sea Pavilion - Pavilion Dining Table

Perhaps I ought to chat with the person sitting opposite of me. Our connection to the world shouldn't be limited to the newspaper at the breakfast table.

Comfort +950