Beach Tycoon - Beachy Outdoor Floorboard

Sunshine and sea breeze will take care of the seawater and sand on the floor, but stubs...will have to be settled by hand... I mean...stabs.

Comfort +1000

Beach Tycoon - The Sky and the Reef

The reef feels perfectly comfortable with its head against the sky and its body soaking in the sea. Have the sky and the sea been apart since the very beginning of time or only since humans started developing intelligence?

Comfort +1000

Beach Tycoon - Adventures of the Lightning Cat

At least in the short duration while you're sliding down the pipe, you can briefly enjoy a world without Miss IDW.

Comfort +1250

Beach Tycoon - Seagull Magic

Sea birds and fish never fall in love with each other. If they were that clever, they would scoff at romance among humans.

Comfort +1200

Beach Tycoon - Dolphin Challenge Playground

An entertainment facility so complex visitors often have no idea what they've just been through afterwards... That's the challenge.

Comfort +1300

Beach Tycoon - Deep Sea Staircase (For Children)

It doesn't lead to the sea, or anywhere deep. It's not even a staircase. It just sounds cool, like..."human love".

Comfort +1150

Beach Tycoon - Swordfish Billboard

Judging by observation, swordfish is probably more intelligent than humans, since a lot of visitors can't find the restaurant or the washrooms without a swordfish totem.

Comfort +1100

Beach Tycoon - Splashy Hovercraft

Like humans, they can still run around as long as there's air in them. Perhaps even a hovercraft has plans for its life.

Comfort +1150

Beach Tycoon - Sandy Throne

A person who has the prerogative to rest is more eminent whether in a palace or on a beach. This is what the chair and leadership entail.

Comfort +1100

Beach Tycoon - Barbecue Time

What feels even better than having a barbecue on the beach? ...Having a barbecue on the beach next to people who've only bought instant noodles, of course!

Comfort +1150

Beach Tycoon - Intercontinental Battleship (For Children)

You won't know how intense that battle was since hovercrafts leave no trace, just as how traces of dinosaurs can't be found on the earth's surface after they've gone extinct.

Comfort +1200

Beach Tycoon - Mr. Crocodile's Pool

Mr. Crocodile has an electric switch. He automatically flips over after someone's been lying on them for over 30 minutes. He just won't let anyone enjoy a nice nap! Bad Mr. Crocodile!

Comfort +1400