Music Festival - Dancefloor

Stars under my feet, rainbow over my head. Thousands of verses and songs, written just so my head can reconcile with my heart.

Comfort +1000

Music Festival - Stage Background

These are people who tried searching for their own sense of self but ended up becoming just another face in the crowd.

Comfort +1000

Music Festival - Bar Stool

The stool is high because the bar is high. The bar is high because the bartender can reach it. There, who do you think are the real bosses in the service industry?

Comfort +950

Music Festival - Performance Stage

I suppose one reason why rock music is more stimulating than classical music is because the audience has to stand and look up at the stage.

Comfort +1350

Music Festival - Footlight

Footlights are even more selfless than candles. Nobody looks at them, but they still shine upon others.

Comfort +1000

Music Festival - Spotlight

Without darkness, what use is an artificial ring of light, no matter how bright?

Comfort +1250

Music Festival - Stage Arch

Step through this arch and show your best side! Or maybe your worst side... Anything that isn't your genuine self!

Comfort +1150

Music Festival - Fans

Binding your life to someone else's song is still safer than binding it to someone else's heart.

Comfort +1100

Music Festival - Champagne

Civilization is systematic squandering of resources. Well-wishes are sophisticated superstition.

Comfort +1050

Music Festival - Minibar

Your life and your story are two different things. Your pour the former into your own glass and the latter into the other person's glass.

Comfort +1150

Music Festival - Club Chair - Right

Nothing is crazier than someone sitting through a live rock concert.

Comfort +950

Music Festival - Club Chair - Left

Comfort +950

Music Festival - Club Table

The lights illuminate the liquor while music shoves its way through us. How much do we have to hate ourselves before the world finally shows its true colors?

Comfort +1100