Haunted Castle - Spooky Floorboards

What's the matter? It's just ordinary flooring. Don't think it's anything out of the ordinary just because you found it in a magic house - The Floor

Comfort +800

Haunted Castle - Last Window

Once the morning comes, you can wake up and leave, but... are you awake now? ...Heehee, I'm asking you.

Comfort +800

Haunted Castle - Automated Fireplace

The oppressed castle servants died of overwork, and the flames of their wrath now incinerate any firewood thrown into the fireplace -- which helps a lot.

Comfort +1150

Haunted Castle - Electrocat Lanterns

Supports switching between "Electrocat Lantern" and "Lantern Electrocat" -- As long as you hang it around IDW's neck!

Comfort +900

Haunted Castle - Swaying Chandelier

This chandelier sways non-stop and can serve as both a light source and a metronome. Talk to the kid on it if you need to change its speed.

Comfort +850

Haunted Castle - Uneasy Carpet

This carpet has severe claustrophobia and wants to fly outside, so you should probably weigh it down with furniture.

Comfort +900

Haunted Castle - Unsleeping Coffin

This living coffin works when you rest and rests while you work. If you oversleep, it'll dump you out.

Comfort +1050

Haunted Castle - Magic Mirror of Destiny

This mirror is inhabited by a ghost that scares people with money. It hates young female tenants, because it has to do overtime.

Comfort +950

Haunted Castle - Potion Cabinet

This cabinet is filled with various magic items and products. It gets very angry if they're not arranged by type and order.

Comfort +950

Haunted Castle - Half-Body Knight

It walks around every night to scare people, but once we found that there was actually someone inside it wasn't scary anymore.

Comfort +900

Haunted Castle - Castle Banner

This is the back of the banner. Its front is a miserable face. It recounts all the sins it committed in its previous life to the wall, and then continues sinning.

Comfort +900

Haunted Castle - Ghostly Armchair

Inhabited by the vengeful spirits of those who died in the castle, they only found this comfortable sofa chair after death, and they get very jealous when you sit on it.

Comfort +950

Haunted Castle - Barren Cage

This cage is inhabited by the spirit of a princess -- she wanted to use it to slim down, but in the end she stuffed herself to death inside it.

Comfort +1000

Haunted Castle - Haunted Bench

A ghost died on it, and it has vowed never to leave because it feels far superior to its neighbors on the sofa.

Comfort +900

Haunted Castle - Wicked Banquet

After the ritual, everyone gathers here to eat this revolting food -- haha, were you scared? Fooled you! How could anyone eat themselves?

Comfort +1000