Operation Idol - Dance Floor

The person standing on the C positions is determined by 10% fan votes, 20% tragic pasts, 30% today's MVP and 99% affection for the Commander.

Comfort +800

Operation Idol - Shiny Skyline

Tonight, there's no way the city can outshine the stage...or be more disruptive.

Comfort +800

Operation Idol - Supportive Audience

Everyone, raise your hands higher! Try and cover your faces!

Comfort +900

Operation Idol - Moonlight Avenue

The glass under the idols' feet is rigged; step on the wrong tile and you'll be fed to the fishes.

Comfort +900

Operation Idol - Rainbow Stairs

The lights inside can change rapidly as the idols enter and exit the stage; the Dolls use them to test their neural reaction speeds when they're bored. "A Doll that's faster than light!"

Comfort +1150

Operation Idol - Stage Doll

Made with a leftover Dummy neural cloud, they have the IQ of a 5 year old and can accept and play simple messages, such as "please take my songs home."

Comfort +950

Operation Idol - Close-Up Screen

If we entrust our souls to idols, does that mean their images on the screen better reflect what's in our hearts?

Comfort +950

Operation Idol - Tracked Boom

It allows idols to perform mid-air spins and other marvellous stunts, whether they want to or not.

Comfort +1000

Operation Idol - Stage Catwalk

Typically used during the second chorus, the stage entrance methods it supports include (but are not limited to) orbital launches, HALO dives and floor slides.

Comfort +1050

Operation Idol - Judges' Seat

There are no good or bad singing voices, just as there are no right or wrong dreams, although the sound technicians and backup band might not think so.

Comfort +950

Operation Idol - Theme Screen

The center screen isn't solid, so the idols can go straight through it as they move around the stage, or even make a secret exit in the middle of a dance number.

Comfort +1000

Operation Idol - Stage Camera

The idols all want their best moments to be recorded, but their screw-ups are usually more widely known.

Comfort +850

Operation Idol - Teleprompter

It has a wireless transmitter inside; when a Doll can't find the right lyrics or tunes, it instantly transmits a segment of backup data into their neural cloud.

Comfort +850

Operation Idol - Lighting Scaffold

It makes the idols shine and doubles as a module charger. "Awaken, Returner!"

Comfort +900

Operation Idol - Stage Speakers

The point of attending a live concert is that you'll never know if the person singing on the other side of the screen is a Doll or a puppet.

Comfort +950