Chocolatier - Pure White Floorboards

The floor is made of white chocolate, so please take off your shoes before setting foot into the room - we can leave our stockings on... Was this your idea, Commander?

Comfort +900

Chocolatier - Rainy City

"I'd give up the world for you" - Ads lie; if you don't love everyone in the entire world, you can't love anyone in it.

Comfort +900

Chocolatier - Cold Case

Eat it fast after you buy it, the night won't wait for you. There's no telling whether you or the chocolate will end up melting first.

Comfort +1050

Chocolatier - Payment Counter

Do you have a Golden Ticket? ...Huh? A silver one? Congratulations, please pay double the fare and forget everything that happened here!

Comfort +1100

Chocolatier - Grinding Tools

Look! We treat cocoa beans so carefully and delicately. Only by exterminating all the savages can the cocoa beans of the entire world know such happiness.

Comfort +1000

Chocolatier - HQ Door

Before opening this door, I'm not sure if I'll see a room full of chocolate or walls full of chocolate.

Comfort +950

Chocolatier - Dessert Fountain

Someone once wondered: if cakes don't actually like biscuits, then do chocolates dislike lollipops too? Of course not! But they all seem to be at peace when you look at them!

Comfort +1150

Chocolatier - Sweets Chair

The rules are simple - only someone who can eat it all in 15 minutes has the right to sit on it.

Comfort +1000

Chocolatier - Production Equipment

In truth, making real chocolate is an alchemical ritual. When people who truly love each other eat it, they shall gain eternal life - post-apocalyptic consumers will believe anything an ad says.

Comfort +1350

Chocolatier - Mr. Teddy Bear

Mr. Bear is pondering the reason for his existence while you are discussing the polite way to eat him. You should eat faster, otherwise he'll melt all over the floor.

Comfort +1100

Chocolatier - Handicrafts Station

Making chocolates needs a lot of love - I was talking about heart-shaped molds, not actual love. Put that back, don't let it get cold.

Comfort +1250

Chocolatier - Merchandise Shelf

We've got a lot of merchandise beside chocolate, but not all of it is edible. Or perhaps you'd like to buy them all and then try biting them?

Comfort +1100

Chocolatier - Sweet Neon Sign

"What a materialistic statement!" A dog in the corner commented on the neon sign.

Comfort +1150