Fairy Market - Medieval Brick Flooring

You follow the scent of potions and quickly catch up to the alchemist. "Fine, I'll join you, otherwise the whole town will know what I did to the chickens."

Comfort +900

Fairy Market - Twilight Forest

The witch of the legend is said to live here. Are you willing to befriend her for only a single day? "I'll definitely like you, along with that healthy body of yours..."

Comfort +900

Fairy Market - Archery Range

The condition for recruiting the archer to your party is to beat her in archery. "That is the elven law. But you can also hire me to participate in your place... That is also elven law," she says while shrugging her shoulders.

Comfort +950

Fairy Market - Haunted Old Castle

A rebellious vampire girl has slept here for 495 years... "My beauty sleep really did the trick," says the girl while looking at her own petite body after waking up.

Comfort +1100

Fairy Market - Drengleid Bonfire

A suit of immortal armor will occasionally sit by the fire. Holding flames, he looks at you with a hollow gaze. "You got a giant rat? I'll trade myself and my shield for it."

Comfort +900

Fairy Market - Portable Wine Cart

"Where there are drinks, there are warriors. Where there are warriors, there are victories. So the victories you want will depend on how far you can push this wine cart; before we drink every last drop, that is."

Comfort +1050

Fairy Market - Folk House

The bard plays his lute while lying on the bed. "A friend of mine died comfortably on this bed. If you can promise me that I can die the same way, then I'll join you."

Comfort +1000

Fairy Market - Folk Street

That person is always either running around on your roof or whistling in the grass. "Sorry, my hawk said you look shiny, so I'm here to see if you're a friend...or a target."

Comfort +1150

Fairy Market - Miracle Fountain

This fountain is rumored to heal true believers that pray from the bottom of their heart. However, you notice that a cleric is actually the one performing miracles secretly from a corner. "Will you really give me something more meaningful to do?"

Comfort +950

Fairy Market - Accessory Shop

These accessories are useless to you, but you are curious about the shopkeeper's methods. "Buy this ring and I'll tell you where the thief is. Buy this necklace and I'll join your party."

Comfort +1100

Fairy Market - Weapon Shop

The weapons sold at this shop are unmatched when it comes to sharpness. The only problem is they break easily. "I look forward to your next visit, and I'm not saying this out of courtesy," says the shopkeeper.

Comfort +1050

Fairy Market - Bright Clouds, Dark Moon

This moon is fake. The mage uses it to adjust her sleep or to mess with her nosy sister. "I can slip out whenever. How many dragons did you say there are?"

Comfort +950

Fairy Market - Sundries Stall

"Everything here is clean. I never loot from the dead," said the warlock with a sly smile, "...of course, it doesn't count if they've been resurrected."

Comfort +950

Fairy Market - Town Bell Tower

The paladin saved the town but could not wait in front of the bell tower for the person he loved, so he gave up on the idea of advancing his class and opted to follow you instead. "This is fine. She likes money, but I like myself the way I am now."

Comfort +1050