Operation Cube-2  Corner Breaker (1)

An hour later in the airspace above the territory of dispute in Area S06.

UMP9 Hey Gr G11! Turn off your sleep mode and get ready for battle!

Gr G11 Uuu... I can't... I need some more time to heal...
416 fell on me and broke my waist earlier in that explosion.

416 Sorry, I'll leave you to explode into a million pieces next time.

Gr G11 I don't care... I'll fall apart if I don't lie down. I wanna go home...

UMP9 Get up, we're not gonna get paid if we leave now! (Pinch)

Gr G11 Uuuuuuuu...

416 Quit teasing her, 9, and look out for their anti-air defense.

UMP9 We'll be fine. This aircraft has active camouflage. We won't get spotted unless Dreamer is here.

416 Speaking of this aircraft... Where did you guys find this?

UMP9 A Griffin reconnaissance team left it here. Gr G11 found it and reported it to 45.

416 (Sigh) So you guys lied to me and made me go out of my way for nothing...

UMP9 Fool thyself, fool thy enemy. Isn't that right, Gr G11, you little trickster? (Pinch)

Gr G11 Uuuuuuuu...

416 Alright, quit playing around. Helian is calling us, pay attention.

Helian Squad 404, the report from our scout in Area S06 has just arrived. The Sangvis has deployed radars that cover the airspace in your path.

Gr G11 So...we need to get off the ride now?

Helian We're still working on the location of the jammer. Do you plan to standby?

UMP45 Well...
We are currently near the back of the Area S06 outpost. If we land now, we'll be in a good position for a sneak attack.

Helian You plan on capturing the Ringleader in the outpost to directly get the location of the jammer?

UMP45 Yes. We don't have a lot of time, so it's better for us to take the initiative.

Helian Very well. According to our report, the Ringleader stationed at the outpost is Hunter.
She has gone through an "Elite" modification. Be careful.

UMP45 Understood. Are we clear on the objective, everyone?

Gr G11 Find Hunter and defeat her.

416 It'll be no big deal if even AR Team has defeated her before.

UMP9 Same as always, huh? Let's go.

Operation Cube-2  Corner Breaker (2)

...Squad 404 engages Hunter at the Area S06 outpost.

Hunter So you 404 rats have finally shown up!
Don't think I'm unprepared for your underhanded methods! Let me see you vermin run for your lives and die as I cut you down one by one!

...At Squad 404's position.

416 Gr G11, did you even hit your shots?

Gr G11 I hit Hunter four times...but I think our intel is off, because she's still alive!

416 This "Elite" modification is incredible... What else do they have up their sleeves?

UMP9 Enemies coming in from the right. We'll be surrounded soon!

UMP45 Abandon objective. Cover our retreat with suppressive fire.

416 Suppressive fire, Gr G11!

Gr G11 D-doing it!

UMP9 Deploying smoke grenade!

UMP45 Everyone! Run now!

Hunter Tch...

Ouroboros Why aren't you after them, Hunter?

Hunter That silver-haired brat destroyed my Exo equipment. I can't chase after them unless it's repaired first.

Ouroboros So you're giving up just like that? I thought you'd be more persistent in chasing after your prey.

Hunter They'll be back for the location of the jammer.
I can delay their guerrilla tactics as long as your reinforcements arrive on time.

Ouroboros ...Very well. Stay there and guard the outpost before the reinforcements arrive.

Hunter I will...
A true hunter knows how to stay silent.

Operation Cube-2  Corner Breaker (3)

...The battle is coming to an end.

Hunter I'm...at my limit...
Ouroboros...where are the reinforcements that you had promised earlier? The outpost is about to be overtaken!

Ouroboros Even you should be aware that their target is you, right, Hunter?
It goes without saying that leaving you there is the easiest way to protect the jammer.

Hunter Ouroboros...
You... You knew this was going to happen, and you intended abandon me right from the beginning, didn't you?

Ouroboros Hunter, do you know how I was created?
Pitted against thousands of AIs in thousands of chess deathmatches, I was the only one to survive.
From what I can see, your value as a pawn has been exhausted.

Hunter War is not chess! You're neglecting too many factors, Ouroboros! You will soon regret this!

Ouroboros I take everything into consideration to reach my most desired results.
....It is unfortunate for you that this is the result.

Ouroboros 2612-1192a2516-31913, initiate format command.

Restarting host. Neural cloud backup in progress. Unable to connect to network. Unable to complete neural cloud backup. Switching to current access. Format complete.

Ouroboros Go to sleep, Hunter. I have no use for you anymore.

Ten minutes later. Squad 404 arrives at Hunter's location and begins to investigate the situation.

416 Unable to wake up Hunter. No response at all.

UMP9 It's all your fault, Gr G11. You should've shot her legs.

Gr G11 Yeah, blame me all you want. You weren't the one that had to make the shot...

UMP45 It's not Gr G11's fault. Someone even higher up than Hunter must've shut her down.

UMP9 Damn it! We went through so much trouble to defeat Hunter and we ended up with nothing!

Gr G11 So we came for nothing. Wanna go home?

416 Let's leave now...
Hear that? New enemy forces are closing in fast.

UMP45 Perhaps...they're not after us?

416 Huh? What do you mean?

UMP45 I'll be right back. 416, take everyone to the other side of the outpost and try to avoid the enemy.
Perhaps...there is still an opportunity.