Operation Cube-3  Layer Reversal (1)

Some time later in a safe sector of Area S06.

UMP9 45 still isn't back yet?

416 Have some patience. Although I don't know what she's doing.

Gr G11 Om nom nom nom... Cotton... Candy... Princess...

UMP9 Gr G11 is sleeping like we're at home or something. If 45 doesn't return soon...

UMP45 Sorry to make you wait, ladies.
I'm back, and I've brought a friend from Griffin with me.

SPP-1 H-hello...everyone, I'm SPP-1...

416 ...

SPP-1 ...... (Scared)

416 Since when did you become kindhearted enough to look after lost children, 45?

UMP45 Ever since when we needed her. Isn't that right, SPP-1?

SPP-1 Yes, I'm...the scout assigned to Area S06...

UMP9 Haha, so you were the one that provided us with the information on the stealth aircraft and the S.F. Ringleader earlier?

SPP-1 Yes... I originally had an elite T-Doll escorting me, but she...

416 Died or went missing, right? Another sob story.
And what is your purpose here? Why did 45 bring you back with her?

Gr G11 Don't be mean, 416. We're lucky that she's here to help.

416 (Sigh) I'm only looking out for her. If you consider what 45 put us through earlier...

UMP45 Nevermind that. SPP-1 has important information for us, doesn't she?

SPP-1 Y-yes... Helian contacted me earlier and said you guys are looking for the coordinates of the jammer?

416 You...already know where it is?

UMP9 Ha! We haven't been this lucky in a long time! I thought we were cursed for life!

Gr G11 Let me hug you, Goddess of Luck!

SPP-1 No no, I'm the lucky one here.
I was on the run after being separated from my escort.
I would've been captured by the enemy if you guys did not defeat Hunter back there.

SPP-1 I'll give you guys the coordinates right now. Please take note of the Ringleader that is guarding the jammer.

UMP9 ...Executioner? Another Sangvis that AR Team had already dealt with before.

416 An enemy that M4A1 had already fought before...?

Gr G11 She must've gone through the same modification as Hunter! We'll need to bring more ammo...

UMP45 Let's move out if we're all ready. Our objective is to seize the jammer.

Operation Cube-3  Layer Reversal (2)

Squad 404 is engaging in heavy firefight with Executioner near the location of the jammer.

Executioner You're here...the rumored Squad 404, you're finally here!
I want you to tremble and fear before I cut you apart!
I will deal unto your corpses the shame and humiliation that I received from M4A1!

416 That name again!
Gr G11, can you shut her mouth up for good?!

Gr G11 Uuu...sca-scared...
I wanna...I wanna go home...

UMP9 Gr G11 is scared witless! 416, bring her farther away!

416 I can't, we'll be out of range.
If we keep this up, Gr G11's neural cloud will...

UMP45 Let's withdraw for now. We'll deal with her like we did with Hunter, by exhausting her of her supplies!

416 Roger! Gr G11, we're throwing our smoke grenades!

Gr G11 Uuu... Thr-thr-throw...
Is it time to throw out the trash, master...?

UMP9 Throw her grenade for her, hurry!


Executioner Hmph, you bunch of cowards, I already know what you plan to do.
Struggle all you want, but you'll soon realize that...
Ouroboros has already planned everything out...including your death.

Operation Cube-3  Layer Reversal (3)

...The battle is coming to an end.

Gr G11 Objective accomplished. I've destroyed all four of Executioner's limbs.

416 Seems like you've recovered quite well, Gr G11.

Gr G11 I'm feeling much safer with you being my meat shield.

416 Be grateful. You would never have received this sort of generosity in the past.

UMP9 Hey, we're all family now, don't sweat the formalities.

416 I would love to believe you if you weren't produced unconventionally.

UMP9 Haha, what's the difference? Aren't we living a pretty good life?

Gr G11 It's not good at all. I wanna go home...

416 Just accept reality. You lost your home a long time ago...

UMP45 You guys, quit chatting and help me inspect Executioner.

UMP9 Hehe, with communications blocked by the jammer, we can ask questions "nicely".

UMP9 (Kicks) Hey, any last words? We can pass a message to your boss for you once we move the jammer out of here.

Executioner I'm afraid you won't be passing out any messages...

Executioner Because this whole place is rigged with explosives!

Gr G11 ...?! Explosives?

Executioner There's no escape for you! With the press of a button, Squad 404, the jammer, and everything else will be turned to dust.

UMP9 Wait a minute! Aren't you guys supposed to be protecting the jammer?!

Executioner That's why Ouroboros is someone that does whatever she wants...

Executioner This was her plan all along. Hunter bought us time while explosives were placed all around the jammer.
It doesn't matter what happens along the way, because as long as you reach this point, the ending for you will be all the same...

416 Ouroboros... Why would you go along with a suicidal plan like this?

Executioner Squad 404, do the Griffin squads in your hands have a choice when it comes to orders?

Executioner When you send them to their death to accomplish a goal, will you consider their feelings?

UMP45 ...

UMP9 45...

Gr G11 So...we can't go home anymore?

416 (Bitter laugh) Get on your knees and apologize, 45. I've been waiting for this for far too long.

Executioner What awaits Dolls like us is neither heaven nor hell.
Squad 404...
You will disappear from this world along with me...

...At Area S06 Sangvis command center.

Ouroboros Agent...
I regret to inform you that our jammer has been destroyed in the explosion just now.
Executioner placed the explosives without my authorization and she seems to have destroyed herself along with Squad 404 in the explosion.

Agent That jammer was instrumental in carrying out Parapluie. To exchange it for only four measly lives of ragtag T-Dolls...

Ouroboros I apologize for ignoring the instabilities in the AIs of Hunter and Executioner and not being able to detect their dereliction of duty in a timely matter.
I have already dispatched teams toward the site of the explosion to confirm their deaths.

Agent What is even there to confirm, Ouroboros?
Withdraw immediately. I want a detailed report, do you understand?

Ouroboros Yes... Your wish is my command, Agent.

Ouroboros To all Sangvis units in Area S06...
...Expand your search area for 404 and pick up the pace.
Immediately converge on and destroy any Griffin T-Dolls found!
...Do not rely on the mech units, you must verify their deaths with your own eyes.
Nobody is leaving until Squad 404's corpses have been confirmed!