Operation Cube-4  Side Collapse (1)

Some time later, near the Sangvis Ferri jammer in Area S06.

Ouroboros Found you, 404.

UMP9 Uwaa!

Ouroboros Stop hiding. Your legs...have already given up on you, haven't they?

UMP9 Y-y-y-you're Ouroboros?!
H-h-h-h-h-how did you find me?!

Ouroboros Your ability to hide is no longer effective. Griffin's identification signals are all over the map now.

UMP9 How could this be...? It was hard enough for us to escape back there, and now...

Ouroboros Don't get me wrong, I'm actually very grateful that you survived the explosion...
What a pity it would be if I couldn't turn you into delectable corpses with my own hands!

Ouroboros ...Damn it! This is just a dummy!
Squad 404...where are you?!!
I will find you, whether you're still alive or a corpse!
You slum rats! You radioactive worms!
I will deliver you death by a thousand cuts with my nails! I will simulate a thousand different vicious executions in your neural clouds!!

Meanwhile at an area farther away from Area S06.

UMP9 Phew...
That banshee scares me with her shrieks even from several kilometers away.

Gr G11 Thank goodness she went crazy, otherwise she would've seen through your terrible acting.

416 I thought this was supposed to be a covert operation... Do we really have to fight her?

Gr G11 With enemy squads everywhere, I don't think we can make a sneaky getaway...

UMP9 You two are a bunch of scaredy-cats. Take a leaf out of my book and just have faith in 45.

UMP45 You can't rely on me all the time. Trusting each other is our only hope.

416 Quit saying things that you don't even believe in yourself. Make good use of us so we can all escape.

UMP45 Ouroboros is dying to chomp us down, so we cannot let her know that we're still alive.
We must first figure out where her command center is before I come up with the next step of the plan.
This will be our final objective of the entire mission so take it seriously.

416 Is that your way of encouraging us, 45?

UMP45 No, it's my way of threatening you.
Get a move on if you want to live ♪

Operation Cube-4  Side Collapse (2)

A Griffin squad raids the Sangvis command center and is fighting head-to-head with Ouroboros.

Ouroboros Damn it, an attack by Griffin!
They must be under the command of Squad 404... So, they're alive after all!

??? Guess again, Ouroboros.

Ots-14 That undignified look of distress on your face... It doesn't suit you.

Ouroboros OTs-14, you're still alive?

OTs14 This is how life is, Ouroboros, not everything will go your way.

Ouroboros ......
You're right. Savoring your deaths without having to do any work myself isn't very likely to happen...

OTs14 Your mission has already failed in that explosion. Do you still intend to fight to the death?

Ouroboros For my self-worth and dignity... Slaves like you will not understand...

Ouroboros I can destroy you and every T-Doll under Griffin's command!
Including AR Team, Squad 404, and elites like you.
I will prove to the Mastermind that I am infinitely more valuable than any jammer could ever be!

UMP9 So it was OTs-14 that was with SPP-1! Helian really helped us out this time!

416 So, there's our victory condition. What's the plan, 45?

UMP45 We'll move out while she's dealing with Ouroboros's main forces.
UMP9, continue to use your dummies as bait to delay the enemies that are after us.

UMP9 Leave it to me. I'll initiate all the simulated signals!

UMP45 416, carry Gr G11 to an elevated point at target area R13 to cover our withdrawal.

Gr G11 Roger... 416, be gentle, I don't want to wake up on the way there.

416 No problem, I'll knock you out before I drag you over there.

UMP45 After setting up Gr G11, 416 will head over to assist OTs-14. She'll be leaving with us.
We will wear out Ouroboros until we can destroy its command center.
Keep your comms open, ladies, and let's move out.

Operation Cube-4  Side Collapse (3)

At Area S06 Sangvis command center.

Agent ...The main force in Area S06 has been defeated and the command center is on the verge of collapse.
We have lost against Griffin and Squad 404.
Although, I'm not surprised at this result at all...

Agent Ouroboros, this is your first and will be your last mission. You have failed completely.

Ouroboros ...I'm very sorry for not being able to protect the jammer.

Agent It's not a big deal. Truth to be told, the jammer has already been moved back to HQ.

Ouroboros What?!
The jammer...was clearly destroyed in that explosion!

Agent Many things cannot be anticipated when you are so careless.
But you have to understand, we are different from Griffin. Second chances don't come that easily.

Ouroboros You're getting rid of me, aren't you...?

Agent I simply...understand your thought process quite well.
Do you have any last words?

Ouroboros ...

Ouroboros Curse you...
Curse you! Sangvis, Griffin, Squad 404!
I have never been wronged like this in my entire life!
Gr G11, UMP9, 416, UMP45!
You rats that only know how to scurry in the shadows!
I will not lose like this! I will escape and have my revenge!

??? Sorry, that's not going to happen.

UMP45 Nice to meet you. I'm UMP45 from Squad 404.

Ouroboros ......
So you're the rumored UMP45...
For someone like you that has conducted so many successful covert operations, you must be a cold-blooded monster.

UMP45 No one willingly becomes a monster.
It is precisely because I'm not that cool that I've been able to keep myself alive.

Ouroboros I still don't understand...how you escaped the explosion unscathed.

UMP45 I took a little advantage of...Dolls' emotions.

Executioner What awaits Dolls like us is neither heaven nor hell.
Squad 404...you will disappear from this world along with me...

UMP45 Wait! Maybe we can talk?
What if I told you we have Hunter in our hands?

Executioner ...What?!

UMP45 Ouroboros cut off Hunter's consciousness, but she is still alive and we are taking good care of her.

Executioner What...does that have to do with me?

UMP45 Let's be honest, you want to save Hunter, don't you?
Furthermore, you are completely capable of doing so with your authority.

Executioner You want me to betray my mission?

UMP45 At least you have the choice, right?

Executioner ......
It seems that you understand us quite well.

UMP45 ♪ So...do we have a deal?

Executioner Hand over Hunter and get lost within two minutes. Don't get in my way of retrieving the jammer.

Ouroboros Hahaha, what a joke!
Why would Executioner betray me for a worthless Doll?!

UMP45 Executioner didn't betray you. She received a higher priority directive.

UMP45 Sangvis Dolls have never been emotionless killing machines.
Especially the innovative designs like Hunter and Executioner. Being able to help each other means they can stay alive longer on the battlefield.
That's why she saved Hunter instead.

Ouroboros How do you know all this? You even know more about the priority of Sangvis authority than I do...

UMP45 I don't, actually. I simply gambled on it.
Perhaps...this is Agent's insurance for keeping you in check.

UMP45 Do you feel defeated? We both abandoned our original missions, yet we ended up with completely opposite results.

Ouroboros I have always wanted to prove myself, but in the end, I ended up being used by you.
You...are a stain on me, 404...

UMP45 Sorry.
We are a stain on everyone.

UMP45 But too bad those that want to erase us and not rely on us...
...End up being erased themselves.


UMP9 Hey, 45, done yet?

UMP45 It's finished. Where are the others?

416 OTs-14 is already on her way back to HQ. I'll go retrieve Gr G11 now.

Gr G11 You're taking too long, 416... Did you forget about me...?

416 Thank you for reminding me. I actually did forget.
Why don't you take a nap and come back by yourself later?

Gr G11 Uwaa... Come get me... It's too cold here...

416 The mission is finally complete, but it's a bit of a shame that we weren't able to capture the jammer.

Gr G11 416... Are you listening? Come get me...

UMP45 With Ouroboros's corpse and all the intel we've gathered throughout the entire mission, I think it'll be enough to satisfy Helian.

UMP9 It's definitely enough. Let's get out of here before the Commander shows up~

UMP45 Good job everyone. Let's go home.


Gr G11 Umm...guys? Are you still there?
Don't leave me here... I wanna go home...


Ten minutes after the conclusion of Griffin's Operation Cube.
In Area S06 Sangvis command center...

Dreamer Hello, anyone still here?
Ah...everyone's gone...
Agent, they're all gone. You sure your eyes weren't playing tricks on you?

Agent I can confirm in the video recording that Squad 404 came into contact with the jammer.
The "program" has indeed infected that Doll.
Parapluie can finally be moved on to the next phase.

Dreamer So the entire point of this operation was to infect a T-Doll with the "program".
Having gone to such great lengths to hide it, I doubt anyone will notice...
I'm truly no match for you, Agent.

Agent Do what you're supposed to do, unless you want to end up like Ouroboros.

Dreamer Hehe, it was a pity that this happened with Ouroboros.
I thought she was quite promising. I didn't expect her to cause such a big racket.

Agent ...The incompetent will always be destroyed by their own ignorance.
There is no need to be responsible for their failure if they cannot even reflect on this point.
The night is coming to an end. Let it all vanish to darkness.