딥다이브-4  심지혼선Ⅳ (1)


??? ...45?
Wake up! UMP45!

UMP45 Hmm...

UMP45 How...long was I asleep?

UMP9 Not too long. Zeele told us your readjustments were complete and asked us to come get you, but...

416 But it's pretty interesting how you were sleeping with your eyes wide open. Never seen that on you before.

Gr G11 You looked like your system had crashed.

UMP45 ...
I was just a bit disoriented from being disconnected abruptly... I don't think I managed to finish the battle.

Zeele Apologies, Miss 45, but there was an emergency...
An unknown T-Doll's signal was suddenly detected while I was inspecting the network.

416 A party crasher? Could it be Sangvis Ferri?

Zeele No, it was a Griffin signal. A T-Doll must have accidentally stumbled into the network.
I'm guessing some new T-Doll must've connected through the wrong port when getting her enrollment authorization.
Deele probably mixed up the ports while he was spacing out.

Gr G11 Then...we could be exposed anytime...

Deele Nonsense! It was my mistake, alright, but it's not that serious.
Once she entered the network, the security protocol would've locked down her neural cloud due to her being unauthorized.
She wouldn't have been able to access anything and naturally has no chance of discovering you. Just relax!

UMP9 Hey, this is hardly reassuring!
If Griffin finds out a T-Doll's neural cloud has gone missing, they'll come asking questions sooner or later!

UMP45 ...Can you find out who she is?

Deele I couldn't find a match from the database, so she's probably a new recruit.
But that doesn't matter! I'm gonna kick her out of the network. I just need some time to locate her. Now's your chance to rest up.

UMP45 ...
Let's make the most out of the situation and try to find her in the network.

Deele Oh? You wanna make this part of the training?

UMP45 We'll be searching for target signals anyway. There's no harm in getting some actual experience.
We can also acquire data about Griffin's newest T-Doll model and help you update your database while we're at it.

Gr G11 Uh...so there goes my nap?

UMP9 Is this really a good idea, 45? If we're exposed...

UMP45 The real operation will be much more dangerous than being exposed. Instead of worrying about the risks, we should think about how to go about it.
With me here, you guys just have to follow my orders, got it?

416 You're precisely what I'm worried about, 45. We're all worried about your current condition.

UMP45 Don't sweat it. I value myself more than anyone else, but there's really no need to worry for now.

UMP9 ...
Hmm, if that's what you believe, then let's be off!

UMP9 Locating a signal, huh... Guess we should start with collecting data regarding this party crasher's neural cloud.

416 How exactly are we gonna do that?

UMP9 It's very simple actually... Just as how we used the camouflage key just now, we simply have to approach her and bring back the data.
Though it seems like her signal got smashed up so we'll have to find all the fragments.

Gr G11 Sounds like a drag... Can't we just bring one back?

UMP9 It's not like we can't, but that's horrible...
A T-Doll with missing neural cloud data is like a mentally-challenged human.

UMP45 It may just be another training, but don't let down your guard. Let's quickly find all the neural cloud data and bring them back.

딥다이브-4  심지혼선Ⅳ (2)


KLIN Hey! Yo! Anybody there?!
Guys! You can't just leave Griffin's No.1 fighter in a place like this!
What's the matter with the commander here?! At least offer some juice even if nobody's free to serve me!

416 Her consciousness still seems to be drifting. Should we get her out now?

Gr G11 Tsk. She's annoying. Can't we just leave her here?

UMP45 Get rid of the Ringleader first or the area in lockdown won't be accessible.

UMP9 Keep at it, girls.
It may just be a simulation, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous.
Take it slow, 45. We must not alert the enemy to our presence.

딥다이브-4  심지혼선Ⅳ (3)

Objective complete.

KLIN ...
Where...am I?

Kalin My, my, you've finally come to!
You kept talking in your sleep just now. What's wrong? Is your cooling module malfunctioning because of the heat?

KLIN What...? And who are you...?

Kalin Hey, you don't know me? I was just running a diagnostic on you!
Call me Kalin. You must be the one reporting for duty...what's your name again?

KLIN Kalin? We have pretty similar names!
Call me KLIN. We'll be working together starting from today!

Kalin Yeah...let's get along.
(She's unexpectedly imposing...)

KLIN Humph, looks like we're destined to meet. Are you also a T-Doll?

Kalin Me? No, I'm the logistic officer here!
(Are some of her modules still rebooting from being out for so long...?)
In any case, the Commander is on a mission at the moment, so just wait here.
Oh, you want some toys? I have some left behind by other T-Dolls...

KLIN Hey, are you serious?!
I'm gonna become the No. 1 T-Doll at Griffin one day, so take me seriously!
Where's the shooting range? I need to check out how well the T-Dolls here shoot!

Kalin No problem. This way, please.
(I sure hope someone happens to be practicing at the shooting range. Otherwise we're gonna be ridiculed...)
(But this kid just suddenly shut down and turned back on again... I wonder what's wrong with her...)


416 Playing the anonymous superhero again. Happy?

UMP9 Heheh, do you think we'd be happy being do-gooders?

Gr G11 I don't really care... Now that we've finished the assignment, can we take a break?

416 This is just the beginning, isn't it, 45?

UMP45 That was just a bit of experiment. Don't forget the real battle is still ahead.
Check up on your physical condition and supplies. We're setting off in twelve hours.

UMP9 ...Are you okay, 45? Don't you need some rest?

UMP45 I'm fine. I've already adapted to the new module. I'll just charge myself for a while then get briefed by Zeele.
You all rest up. It's gonna be a busy night.

Twelve hours later.

UMP45 So this is the..."fairy" that Persica mentioned?
Doesn't look cute at all.

Zeele Well...it is just a drone when it's off.
But once it's activated, it'll project an interactive interface. THEN you'll understand what's so cute about it. Let's give that a try.

UMP45 She sure loves her weird gadgets.
I suppose it's part of the objective of our mission to test this thing?

Rescue Fairy Ack, are you my commander?!
Whoa, you don't look friendly at all. In fact, I find you rather scary!

UMP45 ...
Hold on. This doesn't quite fit my idea of what a drone should be...

Zeele Uh...haha...
I think this is the image the drone's AI has designed for itself. That's why Miss Persica calls them "Fairies".
This particular Tactical Fairy specializes in searching for signals. Persica has tweaked its program especially for this mission. It will automatically search for your target and direct you to its location.

Rescue Fairy Sure thing, sure thing! You can count on me!

UMP45 (Chuckles) None but Persica could've programmed an AI that's so bored it decided to give itself a personality...
Besides, judging by her exploitative ways, she must be expecting us to be the testers for this thing for free, right?

Zeele The boss didn't give any specific instructions, and I don't personally know Miss Persica very well.
But even if that's the case, you won't have to deviate much from your mission. Just use the drone as you see fit for the job. After all, the mission that yields the reward is your priority.
The user manual should've already been sent to your neural clouds. Feel free to ask me anything whenever you have questions. One last thing, do you hate it, 45?

UMP45 No, I'm fine with anything that doesn't talk too much.
It's just that...these Tactical Fairies weren't developed by Persica alone, were they?

Zeele She didn't say. Does that bother you?

UMP45 I'm just curious. Everyone's curious about other people's past, right?
Mine, Persica's, even yours...

Zeele ...

UMP45 Just kidding. I know the rule. I won't ask questions.
Get everyone here. It's time to get moving.

Meanwhile, in a Sangvis control room.

Destroyer Hey, Dreamer!
Dreamer! Do you copy?!

Dreamer My, my... What is it now?

Destroyer Say, isn't it time we started?
...Looking for the drone, I mean.
It was pretty tough shooting it down. If we don't hurry, Griffin would snatch it back before we get to it.

Dreamer That drone, huh...

Dreamer Humph...you're right.
Our dear Mastermind didn't order us to retrieve it, which means it's not anything important.
But it's shot down anyway. Guess it's time we checked it out...

Destroyer You're also dying to find out what's inside, aren't you?

Dreamer Not really. All I want is to see the kind of face she'll make when she finds out everything she's done is for nothing.
But isn't this your job, Destroyer?
Connect to the network and search for the drone's coordinates already.

Destroyer Tsk, is something wrong with your memory?
I'm not an electronic model. Why would I have the ability to search through the network?

Dreamer Then run and have a look in person! Surely you know how to conduct a blanket search?

Destroyer But I'm not good in solo fights! It'd be dangerous if I went alone!
I was almost pulverized to death before, and I got swarmed by a whole pack of Griffin T-Dolls every single time!
Didn't you promise to build me a more powerful body?! I'm not gonna go on this suicide mission if you break your word!

Dreamer Did I really promise such a thing? Feels like I've forgotten many things after the nap.
Fine. I can grant you a new body. Actually, I HAVE recently been toying with that idea...
Do you wish to have more firepower? Or be more nimble and agile? Or maybe...fight with more flashy moves?

Destroyer F...Flashy? I want that...
No, wait. Can't I have it all?!
Don't think I'm stupid! I know you have authorization to the manufacture line! You keep upgrading your own modules but never even save a scrap for me! Not fair!

Dreamer Hmm...that's true, but are you sure that's what you want? Strength comes with a price~

Destroyer Uh...the way you say that really creeps me out...
Forget it if you're planning to alter my appearance. I don't wanna fight as a huge lump of metal.

Dreamer Well...
I can promise you're gonna be cute as ever.

Destroyer Really?! That's not a problem then!
Heheh, what are you waiting for? Let's get started already!

Dreamer Then first, please take a nice long nap.
When you wake up, you can embrace the brand new you!

Destroyer Something just feels...off about your smile...
Whatever. You can't very well hurt me as my partner...

Dreamer Haha, exactly. We're friends forever...
Then, goodnight and sweet dreams...