딥다이브-1  쌍곡함수Ⅰ (1)

Nighttime, territory under Sangvis control in Area S15.

UMP45 Here we are.
Well, do you like it?

416 Tell me more about this place. Maybe I'll come to like it more.

UMP45 There's not much to be said. You know all about the contamination zone.
Beilan Island, collapse fluid, WWIII, then...this.

UMP9 Euroky Low-Emission Infectious Disease (E.L.I.D.)...

UMP45 Don't worry. The radiation index isn't too high here.
We'll also be doing most of the search in cyberspace so we'll keep out of the most dangerous areas. Follow me.

Gr G11 Will we come across zombies?

UMP45 Well...let's hope not.

UMP9 WHAT?! So there ARE zombies?!

416 Nein, at least not here. It's not like we're in a movie or a game.
So you're scared of this kind of thing, 9?

UMP9 Ugh...

Gr G11 So that's why you always say you have some errands to run every time I watch "The Flying Dead".

UMP9 (Sighs) I guess...
Now that you mention it, Gr G11, that is one hell of a long show. You must've watched over 20 seasons...

Gr G11 26 seasons, then WWIII happened and it just stopped like that.
I was actually really looking forward to the Underwater Zombie King that can do the German suplex in episode 9. He got injected with Virus Ж plus an extra 3L of T-rex embryo in the easter egg after the credit.
Damn I just love biopunk. Love it...

UMP9 I don't really get it...but you sure love this sort of stuff...

416 That's because the only difference between this piece of junk and a zombie is the fact that she does utter something intelligible every now and then.
The kind of thing you watch always puts me to sleep. "Humans are the ultimate enemy" is such a cliché.
I believe the sense of horror brought solely by biting and tearing and gore is the true essence of zombie films.

Gr G11 I don't disagree, but that kind of movie is pretty much extinct, right?
Besides, it's not like we haven't experienced an actual zombie apocalypse...

UMP9 Ugh...I've had enough of this conversation. Let's focus on the mission instead...
Are we there yet, 45?

UMP45 ...

UMP9 45? Say something!

UMP45 ...Huh?
Oh... We...we're almost there.
Ja, that base just ahead. Let's go.

UMP9 ...
Don't you think...45 has been a bit strange lately?

416 You mean...how her reaction sometimes comes a bit slow?

Gr G11 The brain can be the first thing to turn in a zombie...

UMP9 Hey, that conversation is over!
(Sighs) Maybe we should keep an eye on her condition and report it to Zeele when it becomes necessary...

Fifteen minutes later.

416 We've taken care of the prep work. What now?

UMP45 Now...we search for a suitable surveillance base to organize our search for the drone.

Gr G11 Is this a tongue twister or something...

UMP45 The mission itself is pretty simple, right?
I'm gonna connect to the network and direct an echelon to figure out an infiltration route.
You guys wait here. I'll give the green light when I'm ready.

UMP9 Sure, 45. We'll wait for your signal.

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【Audio File #001】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
Is her system record wiped?
Yeah, it's completely clean. Won't be able to tell who she is even if you take her neural cloud apart.
Good. Make sure you don't miss the backups either.
Don't worry. The goods will be delivered in batches. Even if the "key" is exposed, no one will trace it to the..."copy".
Hmm. Once the delivery is gone, it'll be out of our hands.
Nothing will go wrong. They'll be monitored.
Wanna boot her up just for a look?
Go on then.
Greetings. Doll Model SSD-D activated and happy to serve. Please select login method.
Logging in as an unregistered user.
Now logged in as an unregistered user. Caution! unable to connect to the Zener Network as an unregistered user. Would you like to bind this Doll's command-issuing authorization?
Binding confirmed. Would you like to activate this Doll with hidden authorization?
Doll activated and entering standby mode.
Hmm... Really can't tell the difference from other Dolls.
This is just a body. Pretty easy to make modifications.
Then let's stick to the plan. Don't let those Griffin pricks find out about this.
Yeah, got it.

딥다이브-1  쌍곡함수Ⅰ (3)


Destroyer Hey, Dreamer.
An abnormal signal has made its way in.

Dreamer It's not Griffin's style to be this ostentatious.

Destroyer You're right... Now that I give it a proper look, it really isn't a Griffin signal...
In fact...the signal looks like one of ours...

Dreamer Never heard of it. Let me see.
That's a signal under OGAS Protocol, Destroyer. Can't you even figure that out?

Destroyer OGAS? What's that?

Dreamer Oh dear... Looks like I forgot to give you an update about this...
Please remember, the OGAS Protocol is the network system we use at Sangvis Ferri. It's completely different from the Zener Protocol used by those pieces of Griffin trash.
Anyone with a signal like this is one of our own.

Destroyer One of our own? Is anyone scheduled to come here? I haven't heard anything about that.

Dreamer Or...
It's a Parapluie carrier.

Destroyer Parapluie? You mean...
Uh...the virus that can invade a Griffin T-Doll and overwrite her system for our own use?

Dreamer Haha...it's really made itself useful this time.
She comes waltzing in just like that. Saves us the recon work.

Destroyer I've already activated the brand new self-detonation units. That should be enough to give them a proper welcome.
By the way, Dreamer, is my new body still not ready?
It seems like you've only moved me somewhere else to be on standby after my nap...

Dreamer I had to extract your neural consciousness and move your body to the local refit factory. It should be ready for assembly soon.
But now, I need to confirm our visitor's identity so the process will suffer a slight delay. Please help me lock on to the signal.
Next, I want you to make a broadcast for me as a test.

Destroyer Tsk. Such a slave driver... Fine. I'll do as you say.
I'm cool as long as I can finish them with my own hands.

Ten minutes after the search for an operation base concludes.

UMP9 UMP9 hailing Zeele. I repeat, UMP9 hailing Zeele.

Zeele Ah, 9. Anything to report?

UMP9 We've found a suitable base to launch our search. Our electronic warfare modules are fully functional.
We'll be starting our hunt for the drone soon. The others are setting things up.

Zeele That's great. Keep it up.

UMP9 Heheh, Zeele is probably our only source of encouragement when we're on a mission.
By the way, I want to ask about something. Is Deele there?

Zeele One second. I'll fetch him.
Deele, come over here!
What game?! Can't you pause it?!


Deele Tsk, jeez, what do you want?
Huh? Why the secure channel?

UMP9 Just the tiny matter I asked you to look out for before.

Deele Ah, you mean the thing about UMP45?

UMP9 Ja, her 24-hour electroneuralography. It's been 24 hours now, hasn't it?

Deele Oh, the result is already out. Let me see...

UMP9 What is it?

Deele Emmmmm...
It looks alright, just a bit strange.

UMP9 Hey, doesn't that mean it's NOT alright?!

Deele Well, every T-Doll has something strange about their neural cloud.
The dataflow in 45's cloud would spike at certain intervals but the surges always subsided instantly.

UMP9 Spike? What's the cause?

Deele It's usually due to file transfer, cache dumping, or even watching video feeds.
These actions all result in an increase in dataflow, and the spikes in 45's cloud were still within normal parameters.

UMP9 (Sighs) Deele, can I trust you?

Deele Don't worry. You may be outlawed T-Dolls, but this is still my job.
If even the slightest thing happens to you, it's gonna be on my head!

UMP9 Then I guess I'll just have to take your word for it...
Please keep an eye on 45's condition and make the safety of her neural cloud your priority. Can you do that?

Deele No problem, but only if it doesn't jeopardize your assignment.

UMP9 Humph, of course. Then I'm leaving it to you.

UMP45 9, have you finished your report?

UMP9 Ah, ja, just done with it. Is the prep work all sorted, 45?

UMP45 We've encountered a small problem, but no need to worry. We're gonna take care of it soon...


UMP9 That's...the Sangvis alarm?!

Destroyer Ahem!
Important broadcast! Important broadcast!

416 What's happening? Is that...?

UMP45 Destroyer... It's definitely her. If she's here now...

Destroyer Listen up, Griffin buggers!
I know you're here!

UMP45 ...!

Destroyer I know what you're here for, and catching you is only a matter of time.
Well? Are you confused? Are you scared?

Gr G11 Doesn't stop talking, does she? Can we kill her now?
She's just a Ringleader that's been killed so many times I lost count.

Destroyer Oh, I even know what you guys are thinking...
You're gonna say, "She's just a Ringleader that's been killed so many times I lost count."

Clap! Clap!
Destroyer starts clapping during the broadcast.

Destroyer I admit that I've taken...a bit of a beating before.
But today, I must tell you that I've undergone a complete refit!

Destroyer In just a bit...In just a bit, I'll have access to a brand new form...
Powerful! Agile! Beautiful! You won't stand a chance against me!
You'd better start praying you'll die before I get to you, AHAHAHAHAHA!