딥다이브-3  쌍곡함수Ⅲ (1)

Fifteen minutes later.

UMP9 45, do you copy?! We must abort the mission!
Even Zeele advices us to retreat to the perimeter for the time being and think of something else!

UMP45 No, listen to me. We stick to the plan.

416 What are you thinking, 45? S.F. knows our every move.
No matter how we proceed, it's suicide if we go any further.

UMP45 No... S.F. doesn't know our every move.
All they know is MY move.

416 What? What makes you think so?

UMP45 Think about it...
Destroyer only made the two broadcasts after I said something.
And judging from what she said, she couldn't hear you guys.

UMP9 But she can hear your voice, right? She can find out what you're doing any time!

UMP45 I think she can indeed hear my voice, but not "any time".
Otherwise, she would've just blown us right up rather than only making two broadcasts this whole time.
Besides, her new body must still be incomplete, or we would've found her by now.

416 So you plan on getting back the drone while the window is still open?

UMP45 This is our best shot.
If we retreat now, there won't be another attempt.
The drone will be theirs - mission failed.

UMP9 But how do we know you're making the right call? If this is a Sangvis trap...

UMP45 Have I ever been wrong?

UMP9 ...Understood.
But 416 and Gr G11 are still out there. We have to meet up with them.

UMP45 That won't be necessary. 9, go get the drone. I'll cover you with my echelons.
416, head to scouting point eins. Gr G11, scouting point zwei. The two of you monitor every single junction within sight. Report immediately if you detect any signal of a Sangvis Ringleader!

416 I sure hope your lucky guess is right. Get up, Gr G11. We're going!

Gr G11 Ugh... I have to do this...on my own?

UMP45 Don't worry. I'll give you cover.

UMP9 What about you, 45?
If you're right, then aren't you their primary target?

UMP45 True. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't help dwelling on it.
Keep calm. We only have a tighter deadline. It'll be fine as long as you're snappy.
I'll only be safe if you get the drone ASAP.

45 claps her hands twice.

UMP45 Chop chop, girls.
Get your hands on the drone and let's all go home!

딥다이브-3  쌍곡함수Ⅲ (2)

【Audio File #006】
【Decryption complete. Now playing.】
What...is this place?
The Ministry of National Security.
Looks like we've been temporarily assigned here for the operation...
Nervous? We're in an unfamiliar environment after all.
Hmm... everything feels so harsh and cold here, though it's not really that different from Griffin...
Haha, but then again this is so much more luxurious. Oh, hold on. I'm receiving new directives.
Ah, commander, here you are.
Connect to ports #3, #5 and #18 for identity authentication.
Roger. Identity authenticated.
HQ has ordered the two of you to delete all operation records from your time in Griffin.
Huh...? Is that really necessary?
Shush, 45...
That's an order. Do it at once.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir...
Second directive, you are to install the confidentiality safeguard program issued by the Ministry. The file has just been sent to you via port #18.
Roger. Installing.
After all Griffin authorizations have been purged, redirect your command authorization to me.
Yes, sir. Applying for the security certificate from Griffin. ETA in 30 minutes.
Everything is so clunky with Griffin tech... Report to the training room after you're done. Unauthorized connections are prohibited here, and all communications must be made verbally.
Understood, Commander. See you later.
He's gone... Confidentiality safeguard program? I have a bad feeling about this... Have you ever heard of such a thing?
To prevent a leak, it can seal off and even delete a T-Doll's memory. Under extreme circumstances...it can also completely fry the neural cloud.
It's for the sake of keeping their intelligence safe... It can't be helped if the mission really does call for it.
By the way, only I have to redirect the command authorization to the new commander. We'll then share the authorization.
What do you mean?
You redirect yours to me, so you won't answer directly to the commander. We can then set up an internal link to communicate our orders.
Huh? But then...I'll be without a commander.
They probably won't be sending us on tough missions anyway. This will also save you some space.
I don't personally have a problem with this, but what about the commander?
Don't worry about it. This is to ensure better performance. I'll explain it to him.
Okay... I trust you.

딥다이브-3  쌍곡함수Ⅲ (3)


Gr G11 45, I have a situation over here!
An encrypted signal of a large Sangvis unit has emerged 400m away from my scouting point!
The signal seems to originate from a small factory. That's probably...

My dear UMP45, are you ready to start running?
Sadly...you've already run out of time!

UMP45 Destroyer...
Gr G11, keep your eyes on the target! 416, go support Gr G11.

416 Roger. On my way!

Destroyer Now… Now! Now is the time I make my new debut!
Behold, the body Dreamer designed especially for me, a form as beautiful and mighty as the Goddess of War!

Gr G11 Hey, can't I retreat? What if this lunatic charges at me...

UMP45 Her target is me. You're actually safer where you are.
So make an effort, Gr G11.

Gr G11 ...!

UMP45 Keep your eyes peeled and acquire as much information about Destroyer for me before she disappears from your view.
This is our only hope of fighting her, Gr G11. Please!

Gr G11 ...
Now I can't very well ignore such fervent pleas...


Destroyer Heheheheh...
Still struggling, UMP45?
It's no use! NO USE!
I am reborn! No amount of preparation can save you from my overwhelming firepower!

Gr G11 45, the factory where the target is located just collapsed.
I think I caught a glimpse of Destroyer herself.
The smoke is a bit heavy in the area so give me a sec.

UMP45 Then keep looking and describe her appearance and weaponry to me when you can.

Gr G11 She looks huge. I'm afraid...
Wait a minute...that silhouette looks kinda familiar...

UMP45 It won't be surprising if her new form is based on her old appearance.

Gr G11 No, it's not Destroyer's old model... Something else...
Okay the view is clearing up...
Let me see what the hell she...

Destroyer Humph... Let me stand up and give this new body a proper stretch!

Destroyer YOU! CAN! ALL! DIE!


UMP45 What, Gr G11?! What do you see?!

Gr G11 I...I...
I'm probably looking at a...uh...

UMP45 A what?!

Destroyer ...
Huh? What's happening?
Why can't I stand up?

Destroyer tries to lift her front legs off the ground and straighten up, but fails.

Destroyer Why...why can I only stand on all fours...
Wait, are these my legs?!

Destroyer S-S-S-S-Something's not right!!

UMP45 What are you cackling about, Gr G11?! What has Destroyer turned into??

Gr G11 S-She became a huge dinergate!

UMP45 Dinergate? As in...the Sangvis canon fodder that looks like a small dog?

Gr G11 Well, technically, this is a large dog?

Destroyer DREAMER!!!
Answer me! Why am I like this?!

The giant dinergate speaking with Destroyer's voice starts hopping around.

Destroyer This is not what we agreed!!
Where's the body that you promised would be as perfect as a goddess's?! And the ultra long-ranged rocket launcher?!
Why...why have you turned me into this?!

Dreamer Oh dear I'm so sorry...
My hand must've slipped when selecting the refit order~

Destroyer How could you mix them up?! This looks nothing like a goddess!

Dreamer But the Cerberus model was right next to the Gaia model.
I must've clicked the wrong one and didn't double-check the order. My bad...
But don't be mad at me, okay? It's a bit embarrassing, especially in front of guests.

Destroyer What am I gonna do?!
How am I supposed to meet the others like this?! How am I supposed to move around and fight?! Hmm?!

The giant dinergate speaking with Destroyer's voice starts rolling on the floor.

Dreamer My, don't be so upset. the Cerberus model is one of our newest projects and has outstanding performance.
Its firepower, armor and maneuverability all far surpass your previous form.
If we overlook the appearance, pffft...

Destroyer You laughed, didn't you?! You totally laughed! You SO did this on purpose!

Dreamer Nonsense. I'm not that mean, and you actually look pretty cute like this.
Besides, this isn't really the time for that...
UMP45 and her friends are about to escape. If you don't start chasing them, the drone will be gone.

Destroyer What...?
I have to chase them? In this body?

Dreamer You can do it. I can vouch for the maneuverability of your new body. And now isn't the time for temper tantrums. If you fail the mission, you know what Agent will do to you...

Destroyer Tsk, fine...

Cerberus-Destroyer slowly gets on her feet.

Destroyer UMP45 hasn't moved yet. I should still be able to catch her...
W-Which leg should I move first...?

Dreamer Dogs run faster when they lunge with both forelegs.

Destroyer Shut up! I get it!
L-Like this, right?

Cerberus-Destroyer starts adapting to her new body.
Cerberus-Destroyer starts galloping.

Destroyer Eh? I'm unexpectedly fast. I can easily catch UMP45 at this speed!
But Dreamer, why are you so obsessed with UMP45 rather than the drone?

Dreamer Do you believe me if I tell you it's a gut feeling?

Destroyer Yours? A Doll's? Why would a Doll have gut feeling...

Dreamer I just have a strong feeling...that UMP45 is more important than the drone.
Not to mention, it's obviously easier to capture UMP45. Even if we can't find the drone, it won't be a fool's errand as long as we have their team leader in our hands.
Besides, do you think she's still being truthful now that she knows we can hear her?

Destroyer You're right...but the UMP45 sure is a slippery one...
How did you even manage to plant the Parapluie virus on her?

Dreamer A year ago, we were just testing out the capabilities of Parapluie and our new potential allies...
So we installed the virus onto a signal jammer and wait for some Griffin T-Doll to take the bait.
To be honest...none of us expected it would be Squad 404.

Destroyer So you mean...it was a coincidence?
The virus was dormant for an entire year. Damn, you guys are patient...

Dreamer It's our adorable Mastermind who decides when to activate the virus. I'm merely a member of the audience.
Now that Parapluie's rewriting command has been perfected, taking control of UMP45 will be a piece of cake the moment Mastermind orders the hack.

Destroyer And that's why...you're asking me to stick close to UMP45...
You just want me to be the zombie computer that hacks into her neural cloud by force??

Dreamer That's pretty much it. The signal should be strong enough at the current distance.

Destroyer Tsk. I don't like this at all...
Then you'll rewrite UMP45's neural cloud based on the sample Mastermind has issued...

Dreamer Heheh, Mastermind should be about to make the call. We just have to wait patiently for the area-wide broadcast.
All that's left to do is to enjoy the moment when Squad 404 scrambles around frantically.

Destroyer You're rotten to the core, Dreamer...
You're even worse than Ouroboros, Alchemist and Agent combined.
Though I assume you won't place all your bets on me?

Dreamer You do have your clever moments, Destroyer.
There is more than one Cerberus Dummy, but you're the only one who can take care of UMP45.
So for all my hopes and dreams, run.