딥다이브-3  대립행동Ⅲ (1)


416 How long have we been in here, 9?

UMP9 Hmm...
Several hours?

416 (Sighs)......
I think I'm almost at my limit.

UMP9 Don't give me that. You went offline to rest just a while ago, didn't you?
Look at Gr G11, she's having a blast.

416 Don't compare me to that koala. She can last in there 'til World War IV as long as someone keeps her fed with rations.
I want some real rest; even regular combat isn't this tiring...

UMP9 Special circumstances, so hang in there.
I'm uploading the fragments you found to Deele, but we're missing one last piece.
After that, we'll be able to wake 45 up and get out of here together.

416 The only good news right now is that there's no bad news. I hope there won't be any other surprises in store for us...

UMP9 (Chuckles weakly) You do love raining on others' parade, don't you? Why not think a little more positive, 416?

416 Me? Forget it... Someone's got to play the bad guy.
9...what'll you do if we can't save 45?

UMP9 ...I don't know. It's too early to ask me that question.

416 I thought you would already have an answer prepared.

UMP9 I'm not like 45. I don't have everything figured out.
I only think about doing what's in front of me until 45 is satisfied.

416 What a heartwarming relationship you have.
Now that we have the chance, can you tell me how you met 45?

UMP9 Will you tell me what you saw of 45's neural cloud?

416 Can't you just read the report?

UMP9 I don't want to...
Or rather, I don't dare...
Maybe I'm just waiting for her to tell me in person.

416 Humph, weirdo.

Gr G11 ...Beep.

Gr G11 Hey! 416, aren't you going to get a move on?
We're just one step away from fixing 45's neural cloud!

416 Got it, I'm going now.
9, don't forget about the situation outside. S.F. is certainly searching for us.

UMP9 Don't worry. The Tactical Fairies are keeping a constant lookout.
If anything happens, I'll have the echelons fight them off!

Gr G11 I'm not too reassured by 9's leadership...

UMP9 Humph, is that so?
It just so happens that my leadership skills are limited, so guess I'll only save 416!

Gr G11 Hey! You got a network command module with a commander's data saved in it, right?
So you're an elite Griffin commander now! You can't just leave me for dead!

416 Be careful, 9.
I'm not sure who the Ringleader is this time, but I am certain that they'll be very dangerous.

UMP9 Mhmm, leave it to me!
(I have to keep everyone safe until 45 wakes up...)
(They're the last family I have, and...I MUST protect them!)

딥다이브-3  대립행동Ⅲ (2)

【Audio File #007】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
Now then, let's begin the training simulation for this mission.
Our main task is to hack the enemy network and disrupt their ability to fight.
How...do we do that?
Don't worry, I'll teach you!
I didn't think there would still be anyone using a tree-shaped network structure.
It's precisely because such a network still exists that we have a part to play.
Mhmm...you've got a point.
Alright, let's focus on the simulation. If we enter with this camouflage key, we can bypass the firewall and hack the enemy's control systems, allowing us to provide support for our assault teams.
Alright, I'm trying it now.
All that's left after that is to crack the enemy's system defenses. We can assume direct control if they have no physical barriers in place.
Assisting me is the best thing to do in situations like these. Give me connection access. I'll act as the mainframe and interface through a direct wired connection.
Alright...got it.
I'll go through your neural cloud to search for the fastest logic circuit so I can use your processing power to help with my own algorithms. Remember to grant me connection access.
Alright, I'm coordinated with your retrieval signal.
Right, let's begin the connection!
Just as I thought...
Hmm? What's wrong?
Ah, it's nothing. I've found the circuit. Please help me with the calculations once I find the breakpoint.
No problem, 40. I'll leave it to you.
If the mission requires you to sacrifice yourself, would you do it?
Yes...I suppose? Besides, I can transmit my neural cloud back for reactivation.
When you transmit a neural cloud, you'll lose your memories beyond the previous backup point, and your neural cloud will receive a certain amount of damage as well...
And then...you'll become less and less like yourself... Would you do it even so?
...I guess I would if it's an order.
Then what if you weren't allowed to transmit your neural cloud at all, and you would have to die for real?
Even if I were to really die, I still don't think I would refuse. After all, a Doll's purpose in life is to follow orders.
Is that so...
No wonder they chose you...
Chose me?
Haha, if you were to come across such a situation for real, I hope you will choose to live.
Dying for someone else's mission isn't necessarily a glorious thing...
Sorry, my mind just wandered off at a bad time. Let's continue with the hacking simulation.

딥다이브-3  대립행동Ⅲ (3)

【Audio File #010】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
The operation has started, 45. Let's switch protocols.
Alright, I'm copying the OGAS circuit. The pathway logic is synced to my neural cloud.
Beginning duplication using OGAS logic. Huh...S.F.'s access circuits are surprisingly easy to enter.
So, what do you think? This is something that other Dolls can't do.
Heh, I feel quite...quite pleased.
Because you're with me?
No, because I'm helping everyone... Of course, I'm happy to be with you too, 40!
Haha, I'm just kidding. Don't worry about it.
40, completing this mission would count as a great accomplishment, right? I wonder if they'll allow us to switch to good bodies when we get back.
This is just the beginning. What comes next is where the fun begins.
Haha...that's right. That's the way it is. Of course it is...
You sound...kind of weird...
45...do you trust me?
Of course, I've always trusted you.
Then...if you trust me, grant me total access to your neural cloud once we connect.
After we connect, no matter what happens, don't make a sound. I'll take care of what comes next.
Er...then...I'll leave it all to you, 40.

딥다이브-3  대립행동Ⅲ (4)

【Audio File #014】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
【Squad 3 and Squad 7 have reached the target room!】
【Target spotted! Target spotted! Hands in the air!】
【Execute Order 61.】
(What's that noise? This isn't our frequency...)
(45, I told you, keep quiet.)
(This module is...hey, what are you doing, 40!)
【Support team, prepare to evacuate. We're extracting the target.】
【Moving to the evac point. Watch your corners.】
【What the hell? The machines started up by themselves!】
【An alarm? Was the operation exposed?】
【The target has escaped our restraint! Damn it, after him!】
【Sound of rapid gunfire】
【Unable to pursue, we got ambushed! Two Dolls are hit!】
【We're being suppressed!】
【Entrances 13D, 15D, and 28A are sealed off! Support team, what the hell are you doing?!】
【Squad 8 reporting S.F. T-Dolls sighted on our flank! They're opening fire on us!】
【Wait! Our own Dolls are shooting at us! What the hell?!】
【Stay away! Stop! Ahhhhhhhh!】
【Lost contact with Squad 6! No good, we lost contact with Squad 3 as well!】
【What the hell's going on? HQ, are we allowed to return fire?】
【No good, communications are completely cut off!】
【Damn it to hell, was this a trap?! Attention to all teams, eliminate all threats and commence evacuation! The operation has failed!】
(What's going on? What just happened?!)
(The monitor's filled with red dots and the data stream is reversing!)
(I can't track our side's signals anymore! I can't remain in the network any longer!)
(40! Can you hear me? Outside...it's already...!)
(45, stay still and listen to me.)
(Listen to me if you want to live.)

딥다이브-3  대립행동Ⅲ (5)

...Beep! Beep! Beep!

416 Hey! What's the situation?

Gr G11 It's an alarm! Get offline quick, something must be happening outside!

416 Dammit, always at a time like this...

416 and Gr G11 exit the network.

416 Hey, 9, what's going on outside?!

Gr G11 Hey hey hey hey, don't tell me...
That... Isn't that...

??? Heheh, we meet again, Squad 404.
Did you like that appetizer? I'm sure it wasn't enough to show our sincerity as that was merely some nibbles.
So why don't I personally offer you some hospitality with this brand new form of mine!

??? Although I'm guessing you can't recognize me, can you?

Gr G11 You're...Destroyer, right?

Destroyer What?! How did you figure that out?!

416 Destroyer? Hang on, wasn't Destroyer a midget?

Destroyer Hey! How did you figure me out!? And who the hell's a midget!?
I was a big doggy earlier!

UMP9 Should you really be stating that so loud and proud...

Destroyer Tsk! Shut up! You trash are going to die anyway, so why can't you just flatter me a little and beg for mercy!?

416 Yep, that's Destroyer all right. Still an idiot.

Gr G11 So you've got a bit more meat on your bones, but how are you different from before?

Destroyer Hahahaha! You fools! Soon I shall show you the difference in our firepower!
My history of being trampled on by Griffin has been rewritten, and YOU shall be the first witnesses!
Oh, and sacrifices too... You should feel honored! AHAHAHAHA!!

UMP9 (Sighs) Does everyone from S.F. like going ham over their broadcasts?

Gr G11 What's there to brag about?
You only got older by ten-odd years. Is that something to be happy about...?

416 What should we do? She looks as dumb as always, but this time, she does look quite a bit more powerful than before.

UMP9 As long as her abilities don't match up to military T-Dolls, then we've got a chance.

416 We're really going to fight her?

UMP9 It'll take a while to transmit the report, so we need to be prepared.
I'll contact Zeele and Deele to cover our bases.
Everyone, the final battle is about to begin! Hang on for just a little longer!