Hypothermia-2  The Wolves Gather Ⅱ (1)

20 minutes later.

RO635 Guys, I just flagged a location.
If the old map data is accurate, that should be a communication outpost.

M16A1 Are the comms system still usable after so long?

RO635 We don't have a choice... We must take our chances.

M4 SOPMOD II Uhh... It seems to be getting even colder. Better get moving.

M16A1 RO, we should scavenge leftover supplies and keep ourselves replenished.

RO635 Understood. I'll keep that in mind.

Hypothermia-2  The Wolves Gather Ⅱ (2)

M4 SOPMOD II M16, look at that!

M16A1 ...!

M16A1 Is that...Jupiter?!

RO635 That's right, it's a Jupiter cannon.
Keep your distance. We don't stand a chance against its firepower.

M16A1 What do you know about this thing, RO?

RO635 We've run into something like this when patrolling human settlements in the past.
According to Persica's research, Sangvis Ferri probably acquired cannon technology after hacking into the Military's database.
Codenamed "Marduk" internally, it's most definitely developed especially to thwart us.

M4 SOPMOD II Humph, "Griffin Killers", are they?
But there's a way to deal with them, right?

RO635 It's almost impossible to take them head-on, but from what we've learned in our previous operation...
If we coordinate our forces to seize the checkpoints surrounding a mortar, we can hack into its system and significantly reduce its firepower.

M16A1 That's to say, we can neutralize its threat as long as we have it completely surrounded, right?

RO635 Precisely. If we really have to go against one, that's the best way to go at it.
Surround it first, then charge at it and take it out.

M16A1 Well...guess we should pray this battle doesn't come too soon.

RO635 Yeah, only think about it after we replenish our supplies.
Right now...we can hardly move as it is with the cold and the hunger...

【HINT】To take over a cannon node, occupying its surrounding nodes first can greatly reduce the cannon's firepower.

Hypothermia-2  The Wolves Gather Ⅱ (3)


M4 SOPMOD II Haha! Look, another communication outpost!

RO635 Fantastic. The door isn't locked either.
M16, could you please check the comms system inside?

M16A1 Fully functional and shows no sign of having been hacked. We're really in luck.

M4 SOPMOD II Woohoo! Then let's go in!
We have to set up a new communication network and warm ourselves up while we're at it. I'm literally turning into a popsicle!

Three minutes later.

Helian M4...
Wait, no. M16, is that you?

M16A1 Yes, Miss Helian. We are all okay.
We found several survivors and are now contacting you at a communication outpost to the west of where we crashed.

Helian That's good news...
HQ has been doing everything they can to mount a rescue mission once they learned of your survival.
However, this is going to take some time due to the distance and poor weather conditions.

M16A1 We are relatively safe for now, but S.F. has probably already detected our presence.
We've been gathering our forces by searching for other survivors, but the weather is simply too terrible.
Low temperatures and strong winds are severely impeding our movements and replenishments.

Helian I'm dispatching...
...aircraft to the heli...in the southeast...

M16A1 Pardon? Miss Helian?

Helian ...to provide supplies...

Connection broken.

M16A1 (Slams the table) Dammit!

RO635 The blizzard must be interfering with the signal...
If there's a heliport in the southeast, then they must be able to keep sending in supplies.
In any case, let's move out.