Hypothermia-3  The Wolves Gather Ⅲ (1)

Half an hour later.

M16A1 The weather seems to have improved a bit, but visibility is still crap...
Can you see the heliport on your side, RO?

RO635 (Squints) No, I...can't...

M4 SOPMOD II Hey, I see it! It's over there!
But...I'm not seeing any aircraft or supplies...

M16A1 That's not good. We're gonna run out of rations soon.
If we keep moving around in the open, we're gonna be immobilized soon...


Helian M16, are you still there?
What I was trying to say, is that the flurry is rendering a paradrop incredibly difficult.
Our drone can only make it to the heliport when the weather improves, and it'll have to withdraw immediately afterwards.

M16A1 Which means we'll have to seize the window of opportunity to re-supply at the heliport, correct?

Helian Yes, I'll inform you of the intervals between flurries. Time your request for the supplies carefully.
Furthermore, another important T-Doll crashlanded in this area along with the freighter.
She's equipped with very valuable technical modules, so please get her out of there.

M16A1 Copy that. Who exactly is this T-Doll?

Helian M1887, an elite T-Doll armed with a shotgun.
The last time we got in touch, she was in the shelter in the center of this area.
You'll have to enter through the southeastern route and go around the enemy's cannon blockade.

M16 Order confirmed. We'll set off for the shelter right away.

Hypothermia-3  The Wolves Gather Ⅲ (2)

RO635 M16, what did Helian say about that heliport?

M16A1 According to Helian's intel, the flurry lets up about every fifteen hours.
The heliport will open for five hours during the down time for us to top up our supplies.
We must time it perfectly in order to do that.

RO635 Understood. I'll keep that in mind.

【HINT】The heliport in this area opens once every three turns. It stays open for an extra turn before closing.

Hypothermia-3  The Wolves Gather Ⅲ (3)

M4 SOPMOD II Watch out ahead, RO!

RO635 ...!

M16A1 Sangvis cannons! Lots of them!
The Ringleader...has even anticipated the route we have to take...

M4 SOPMOD II They've installed cannons right next to each other... We can't possibly occupy them.

RO635 It would be very dangerous to force a breakthrough...
We have no choice but to circle around them.
Let's find our way carefully to the back of the cannon blockade. We're not far from the shelter!

【HINT】When it is difficult to make your way across adjacent cannon nodes that form a chain, consider finding a safer route to circle around.

Hypothermia-3  The Wolves Gather Ⅲ (4)


M4 SOPMOD II Phew...we finally made it.
My body has also warmed up after some food...
So this is the shelter Helian mentioned?

RO635 Should be, but do you see...
Uh...Tactical Doll M1887?

M16A1 No. According to the data, a T-Doll had indeed been here, but that was three hours ago.
Can't be helped. We'll have to contact Helian.


M16A1 Calling Griffin HQ.
Is this Miss Helian?

Gager Sorry, you got the wrong channel...

RO635 ...?!

RO635 Who are you?!

Gager Sangvis Ferri Manufacture SP 21 "Gager".
None of you will be leaving this place, AR Team and all present Griffin T-Dolls.
You're completely exposed the moment this connection was established.

RO635 ...

RO635 (So...we weren't exposed until just now?)

Gager I applaud your courage and determination to survive, but I'm afraid your existence will soon come to an end.
Do please enjoy your final moments as you're about to be completely surrounded by Sangivs units...
And all hopes shall be lost for you.

Meanwhile, in a Sangvis command post.

Architect Wow! That's a cool speech, Gager!
Show those half-baked T-Dolls who are the real pros!

Gager (Sighs) You're hardly a pro either, horsing around all day...

Architect Hey, I AM giving the cannons a proper run!
You see those out there? I installed all those cannons in a row. Imagine how cool it's gonna be when they fire all at once!

Gager Is that why you set them all up together?
At this rate, not even I can guarantee we have enough resources to keep the operation going...

Architect No biggie. This looks neat and tidy, right?!
Besides, I'm your superior! Isn't it your duty to assist me?

Gager Sure. Then as your adjutant, I'm heading out for some pest control.

Architect Huh? Is that necessary? Isn't it fine to just leave them alone?

Gager By "pest", I also mean the remaining trio of the AR Team.

Architect WHAT?! Then I'm coming too!

Gager Who's going to take care of the base if you're also out? Not to mention they'll have to pass by the base on their way out.
Just wait here patiently and notify me the moment you detect their whereabouts.

Architect Okie dokie! Move along! I'll keep the hearth warm!