Hypothermia-4  The Wolves Gather Ⅳ (1)

Five minutes later, a Sangvis alarm starts blaring.

M4 SOPMOD II The alarm is sounding! She's upping her game!

M16A1 Keep calm. It's gonna take a while for them to get here.
RO, can you give us an estimate on their numbers?

RO635 ...
It's gonna be more than just a handful...I reckon.
But judging by Gager's command efficiency, I doubt she'd be able to mobilize that many teams at once.

M4 SOPMOD II What do you mean? As in they're not gonna swarm us?

RO635 But there's another possibility...

RO635 There may be more than one Ringleader in the area.

M16A1 C'mon, two Ringleaders?
Please tell me it's just a random guess.

RO635 It IS just a guess, but we must not panic and start scrambling around.
Let's find a spot for a breakthrough before the S.F. forces have us surrounded.

M4 SOPMOD II What about M1887? We still haven't found her...

RO635 We haven't run into her yet, so she must be somewhere farther in.
All we can do is forge ahead and count on sheer dumb luck.
After all...our own safety comes first.

M16A1 ...
I understand. Then lead us on, RO.

Hypothermia-4  The Wolves Gather Ⅳ (2)


Gager The legendary AR Team?
Unfortunately for you, there will be no escape.
I am by no means underestimating you. I have investigated the supplies and T-Dolls you acquired along your way.
It is impossible for you to break through this blockade in your current condition.

RO635 Dammit! The cannons are too deadly. The enemy clearly anticipated our moves.
This is not going to end well. Should we retreat first...

M16A1 RO, we can't possibly beat Gager in attrition warfare!

M4 SOPMOD II I don't care anymore! Let's just go out in a bang!

??? Please hold it.

RO635 ...?!

RO635 Encrypted channel...
Who are you?

M16A1 Don't tell me... Another Sangvis Ringleader?

M1887 Griffin Tactical Doll M1887.
RO635, lead your team and keep Gager busy.
I will find an opportunity to sever the cannons' power source.

RO635 Alone? For us?

M1887 For all of us.

M16A1 Caution, RO. She's using a Sangvis channel.

M1887 This is my way of staying undercover and keeping my location safe.

M4 SOPMOD II RO...can we trust her?

RO635 ...
M1887, are you really a member of Griffin?

M1887 I know who I am, RO635...
And whom I serve.

RO635 Then I believe you. I hope you don't disappoint us when we meet.

RO635 We retreat for now and prepare for the next attack!

Hypothermia-4  The Wolves Gather Ⅳ (3)


M16A1 This won't do, RO! We still haven't been able to get the upper hand in the last few attacks!

M4 SOPMOD II At this rate, we're gonna run out of ammo!
Where the hell is M1887? Is she really helping us...?

RO635 Focus on what you're doing!
Another round is coming! Find cover, quick!


M4 SOPMOD II Huh...? No explosions?

M1887 I've cut off the power source of the cannons.
You have ten minutes before auxiliary power comes online. Break through Gager's blockade and come to the safehouse in the valley!

M16A1 M1887...

RO635 Copy that! Let's go, guys!

Ten minutes later, everyone has made it to the safehouse.

M4 SOPMOD II Phew... That was close...

M16A1 Such thrills...
So, M1887, I presume?

M1887 Pleasure, AR Team.

M16A1 Now, could you please explain how you're navigating the Sangvis network?
Sorry, but we're just a bit curious...

M1887 And suspicious, I understand.
You do know that 16Lab has recently gained some brand-new T-Doll manufacturing technology.

RO635 You're the prototype that Persica mentioned, right? The prototype of THAT tech.

M1887 Guess whose parts I'm using?

RO635 ...
Giving them a taste of their own medicine?

M1887 Not every person is born with a purpose...
But every T-Doll is created for one.

RO635 Alright, I believe you. Tell me everything you know.
SOP II, set up the comms.
We need a new encrypted channel to send a progress report to Helian.

M4 SOPMOD II Roger. On it now!

Suddenly, M1887 raises her weapon.

M16A1 ...!
SOP II, watch your back!


What are you doing, M1887?! Why did you blast the comms to pieces?!

M1887 Your team is missing a T-Doll.
She's gone because of Parapluie, hasn't she?

M16A1 ...What has that got to do with what you did?

M1887 Parapluie modules are embedded onto Sangvis equipment beforehand. They're then implanted into your comms module through physical contact.
In other words, you'll be a Parapluie carrier the moment you activate any electronic device that contains the virus.

M4 SOPMOD II But...how do you know this specific device contains Parapluie?

RO635 Devices that carry Parapluie emit a different signal. It can be detected by an interceptor pattern even without direct contact.
This is the achievement of 16Lab's research. I'm always extra careful before I hack into Sangvis systems...except this time...
I'm sorry. I've overlooked it due to my nerves...

M16A1 S.F. takes advantage of this and catches us off guard.
It's fine, RO. Just be careful next time...

Gager There will be no next time, AR Team.

Gager I finally have you...
You may have seen through my superior's little trap, but we've never placed all our bets on that anyway.
After all...I don't like winning that way...

M16A1 Humph, so you're the type to proudly bully people because you have more goons?

Gager I merely don't like probability. Only things with no variables keep me at ease.
And it must follow, as the day the night, you'll be completely surrounded by my forces with no way to escape.

RO635 Everyone heed my order! Fortify this shelter immediately!

RO635 Prepare to defend against S.F. attack and make it through the night!

M4 SOPMOD II Is there hope after that?

RO635 I don't know. But surely we'll stand a better chance if we manage to last till dawn?
Besides, as M16 said on the way here, Helian must have something up her sleeve.

M16A1 Ha. You're more optimistic than M4 in terms of personality.

RO635 (Smiles wistfully) All thanks to my background.

RO635 After all, this is my only saving grace.

Three hours later, on the outdoor training ground at Griffin HQ.

Helian Ah, Mr Kryuger...

Kryuger Helian, still no news from them?

Helian Apologies. We haven't been able to get in touch.

Kryuger The weather doesn't seem to be the problem here.

Helian Weather conditions have improved significantly, but...night has also fallen.

Kryuger Then leave it to the experts. They'll be there soon, right?

Helian ETA in ten minutes...

Helian For the experts who can handle this kind of thing.