Hypothermia-1  Lighting Curfew Ⅰ (1)


UMP45 Hmm, got it.
Rescuing the AR Team is our priority, correct?

Helian Yes. Remember our informant's comms channel and watch out for the cannons.
Mr Kryuger wants to see them alive.

UMP45 We've never disappointed him...
Not since the very beginning, have we?

Transmission terminated.

UMP9 Hmm...

UMP45 Oh, you awake?

UMP9 Was that...a call from Miss Helian?

UMP45 We have the last piece of intel. Time to set off.

UMP9 Can't believe you actually took the job.

UMP45 Huh? Is that strange?

UMP9 Nah, not really.
But it's pretty cold. This is gonna take some getting used to.

UMP45 Humph. We already have it way better than the AR Team.
They're still going in circles, waiting for the heliport to open.

UMP9 (Sighs) We'll have to do the same thing once the operation begins.
And 416 isn't gonna be happy about rescuing the AR Team...

UMP45 Tee-hee. Since when have we received jobs that make us happy?
Alright, rub the sleep off your face. I'm doing the briefing.

UMP45 We'll need to enter from the east and take over an outpost in the north to give 416 and Gr G11 the chance to infiltrate the battlefield.

UMP9 Are they already there?

UMP45 They're on standby at the outpost in the north, studying the terrain.
9, have our maps been updated?

UMP9 Ja! All updated!

UMP9 There are two routes to go north...up here...
The one above is too heavily fortified. It'll be the safest bet to sneak in from the side.

UMP45 Understood. I'll take that into consideration.
Now let's start moving. ♪

Hypothermia-1  Lighting Curfew Ⅰ (2)



UMP9 (Gestures) Target destroyed.

UMP45 (Gestures) Advance.


UMP9 Alright, all the guards on this end have been cleaned up.

UMP45 Same on my end. The area is safe.
9, infiltrate the outpost and establish the channel.

UMP9 Mhmm, on it already.


UMP45 416, do you copy?


UMP45 416, are you there? Still alive?

416 ...I'm here.

UMP45 We've taken control of the outpost. You have half an hour to cross the danger zone.

416 Sure...got it.

UMP45 You sound blue.

416 You know why...

UMP45 Ja, I do, but I don't care. ♪
Also, this operation is very dangerous.
If you don't snap out of it, I'll...

416 Leave me behind without a second thought, I know, I know...
Don't worry. This won't be too hard for me to handle.
Besides, I'm not the type to let her emotions get the better of her...

UMP45 Then chop chop. Don't let your good mood wear off on the way~

416 ...
Better not offend the T-Dolls working for you, 45.

Transmission terminated.