Hypothermia-2  Lighting Curfew Ⅱ (1)

Two minutes later.

416 Hey, Gr G11! Wake up!
Wake UP!


Gr G11 Ow! How many times have I told you not to kick me?!

416 Then get up already!

Gr G11 Whoaaaa! Don't drag me! Don't drag me!

Gr G11 got forcibly dragged out of her sleeping bag.

Gr G11 Brrrrrrrrrr... It's freezing!
Where the heck are we? It's so much warmer in the sleeping bag!

416 (Snatches) Stay right there! Don't even think about burrowing back inside!
The operation is about to begin. Pack up your sleeping bag quickly and don't leave anything behind.

Gr G11 (Whimpers) Why are you all huffy with me...
I didn't do anything wrong. If you're mad, take it out on 45...

416 I don't even dare open a ration can, and here you are, having a good time snoozing and stuffing yourself.
I don't understand why 45 took this job to begin with.

Gr G11 Because we're experts. Who else could do this kinda thing?
If you don't like the job, you shouldn't have bothered to come...

416 ...I don't want to sit out on a mission because of such trivial reasons.

Gr G11 (Shrugs) Just leave me out of your tantrums.
So, we going now?

416 Uh...
We have to destroy the surveillance outposts on the way in order to safely rendezvous with 45 and 9.
Then we're gonna investigate...um...
Uh...the outpost "they" stopped at.

Gr G11 Ah...
You mean we have to uncover M16 and co.'s tracks, right?

416 ...!

Gr G11 What's wrong?

Gr G11 Huh? Wait for me, 416!

Gr G11 Carry me! My legs are frozen stiff!

Hypothermia-2  Lighting Curfew Ⅱ (2)

...Bang! Bang!

Gr G11 There. Everything is down.

416 Good. That's the last of the patrols.
I'm heading into the communication outpost. You stay here and wait for 45 and 9.


Gr G11 Um...416?

416 What?

Gr G11 Are you in control...of that camera over there?

416 I'm not touching any camera.

Gr G11 But...it's moving...
Could this place be haunted...?

416 What?!

416 Hey, speak up. Don't be sneaky!

Architect Ah...
Don't mind me. I'm just doing a surveillance check and looking around.

416 Looking around? (Snickers) Have Sangvis neural clouds finally evolved to the point where they don't have to kill us to survive?

Architect Sangvis Ferri Manufacture SPzh3000 "Architect"!
My objective is to find the AR Team. Others don't matter.
(Flipping noise) And there doesn't seem to be any enemy target to attack...for my test runs today...
But who are you? You're not on the list.

416 Not your targets, in any case.
But...why do you want the AR Team so badly?
What on earth do they mean to you?

Architect Welll...actually, only...


416 ...?!

UMP45 Fraternizing with Sangvis Ferri. That's quite a serious crime, 416.

416 ...UMP45.
What are you doing? I almost pried important intel from her.

UMP45 That's not part of the job, 416. Don't go looking for trouble.

UMP9 Heheh, how's everybody doing?
Did you miss me, Gr G11? (Pinches)

Gr G11 Ughhhhh...

416 Well, we've regrouped.

UMP45 Ja, and it's time to go rescue the AR Team.
Happy, 416?

416 ...You know too well what I really want to say.

UMP45 Heheh, go on. Put your joy into words.

416 Fine. Here I go...

416 Screw you to hell, UMP45.