Hypothermia-4  Lighting Curfew Ⅳ (1)


Gr G11 Phew...we're finally safe. That's exhausting...

UMP9 Heheh, 416 is obviously more exhausted...
Oh? Not gonna strike back, 416?

416 ...
Isn't this a bit strange, 45?
Why had our movements been exposed to Architect's cameras?

UMP45 Oh? You think that was deliberate?
Your paranoia is running wild again, 416.

416 Then please say something to cure me.

UMP9 416...

UMP45 Humph...
It takes time to set up the scene. The longer it takes, the bigger our advantage.
Now is when our operation truly begins.

UMP45 You see that outpost ahead?

UMP9 That's...Architect's base, right?

UMP45 Correct. Our objective is to raid it.

416 Are you kidding...
We're in a field full of heavy cannons. Isn't the base even more fortified?

UMP45 That's usually the case.
But this time, we're up against an unusual enemy.

UMP9 And we're an unusual team of T-Dolls!
I believe 45 will only act on a foolproof plan!

Gr G11 You lost again, 416.

416 (Sighs)
Well, you're the leader.

UMP45 Then time to move along, girls.
Give Architect no time to react. Start running!

Hypothermia-4  Lighting Curfew Ⅳ (2)

UMP9 What are you looking at, 45?

UMP45 Some...new discovery.
Look, that artillery station there only has a single Jupiter cannon installed.

Gr G11 How come...? Did S.F. go on strike halfway through the construction?

UMP45 Simple. The AR Team accidentally wandered into the Sangvis cannon testing ground.
Many cannons aren't installed in time...

416 New idea, 45?

UMP45 I think we can break through those incomplete cannons with what we have.
That's gonna save us a lot of time and resources.

UMP9 Sure, let's do it.
But make proper observation beforehand and don't go charging at full-fledged cannons!

【HINT】Some cannon nodes are significantly impaired and easier to confront directly. Observe and strategize accordingly.

Hypothermia-4  Lighting Curfew Ⅳ (3)


Architect Hey, what is going on?!
When did these black shirts get around me?!

UMP45 Now, 9! Cut off the power!

UMP9 Roger!


Architect Hey! The power is out again?!
But don't celebrate just yet! I've found the command for the auxiliary power already!

Architect ...
Uh, I can't really see during nighttime!
Let me find a light switch first!

UMP45 This is our chance! Retreat!

UMP9 Huh? We're not going in while she's confused?

UMP45 Our objective isn't to infiltrate the base. We'll be in danger once the power comes back online.

M1887 I see the power has been cut off, 45. Nicely done.

416 Sangvis signal...
Who is this, 45?

UMP45 Tactical Doll M1887, our informant.
She has a low-level Sangvis signal, which she's been using to aid us covertly.
And just so you know, the AR Team is also with her.

UMP9 Tee-hee. Since both sides make use of Sangvis signals, our communications are completely off the radar.

Gr G11 Who'd have thought...that we're not the only ones who have mastered this trick.

M1887 It's merely an expedient.
You have bought time for the AR Team to slip away, but the battle is still underway.
Please keep distracting Architect. This is the only way for us to throw Gager off our trail.

416 We're not very well-stocked ourselves, 45. How long is this operation gonna last?

UMP45 Not too long, 416.
I have a different plan...

Hypothermia-4  Lighting Curfew Ⅳ (4)


Architect Jeez... Is playing hide-and-seek your only trick?
I just wanted to have some fun, but at this rate you're gonna piss me off for real.
I've figured out the pattern of your movements, black shirts...
I can tell which outpost you're gonna pop up at ten minutes later.
Humph, you're in for a nasty surprise there! And you're gonna regret pulling stupid pranks on me!

Ten minutes later.


Architect Heheh! That shot must've been a pretty good hello!
Let me go and see how it worked!


Architect Huh? Where are they?
Why...aren't they here?

Gager Architect!

Architect Huh? Looking for me? Have you caught the AR Team?

Gager You...
You IDIOT! Has your AI shorted?! Why did you leave the base?!

Architect Hmm...
Chill. I've set up the defense program. There's no way they could get in.

Gager That's not the problem! The T-Dolls have already gone around the mortars and run away while you're out!

Architect Whaaaaaat?!
That can't be right! How would they know when I would set off?!

Gager Did you power off the mortars when you left?

Architect No, I had to corner them with the mortars and...
So that's why!

Gager (Sighs)

Architect Arghhh! Do you expect me to understand something this complicated?!

Gager Never mind...
Return to the base immediately and go on red alert, do you copy?

Architect Hey, how dare you order me around?! I'm your superior...

Gager DO. YOU. COPY?!

Architect Whoa! A-Alright! (Runs)

Gager ...
We can't let them escape...
I absolutely won't have Dreamer belittle us again!


M4 SOPMOD II M16, I'm running low on ammo!

M16A1 Same here! I'm out of grenades! What about you, RO?!

RO635 (Throws) This is the last one. Save it.

M16A1 Thanks. I hope I'll live long enough to use it.

M4 SOPMOD II Don't say such things! I don't wanna die in a place like this!

M16A1 Just kidding. After all, we've almost made it through the night.


M16A1 I think Helian...is about to show the ace up her sleeve.


M4 SOPMOD II Gunfire! From allies!

UMP45 Did you miss me?

M16A1 ...
So it really is you...

UMP45 Do you still wish you'll never see us again?

M16A1 Ha...
Business is business. That's what you taught me.

UMP45 Exactly. Otherwise, I would never come to such a place...
Sadly...this is fate.

M16A1 It's just an order, 45.
Hand me some ammo. I'll pave the way.

UMP45 You think...I'd brought you ammo?

M16A1 Of course...
I don't expect you to go in the front and eat bullets for us, minx.


M16A1 Grenade!


Five minutes later, at the AR Team's temporary shelter.

RO635 Is everyone here?

M16A1 Phew... No one got left behind...

M4 SOPMOD II So you're the legendary 404, right?!
Have you come all the way to our rescue?

UMP9 Tee-hee, of course!
After all, we're experts in night ops.

M16A1 ...
I'll give you that. But why hadn't you contacted us in advance?

UMP45 Because there's more than one Ringleader in the area. We didn't want to alert the other one.

RO635 So it's true...
Thank you for coming to our rescue, members of Squad 404.

416 Don't bother. It's just an order.

M4 SOPMOD II Still...how did the four of you manage to fight against Gager?

Gr G11 Uh...
It's...no longer Gager alone.

RO635 Pardon?

Gr G11 We've probably pissed off the other one as well...

RO635 UMP45, you're the leader of Squad 404.
The situation is critical. Surely you have a plan to get us all out of here?

UMP45 I do have a few ideas, but...
We've fought off this round of Sangvis attack. Let's leave the shelter first.

UMP45 walks out of the shelter.

416 ...

M16A1 Um...

M4 SOPMOD II Ah, 416 is gone as well.
You know her, M16?

M16A1 Sort of...
But that's not important...
RO, stay in command, okay?

RO635 Ah...I will. I have the highest command efficiency after all.

M16A1 That's not what I meant.
If you want every single T-Doll to make it home, hold on tight to your command...
Do NOT hand it over to UMP45, do you understand?

RO635 Yeah...I will.


UMP45 It's almost dawn...
Looks like you're all set to go, Miss RO635?

RO635 ...
How would M4A1 answer you?

UMP45 I've never met her, so I don't know.

RO635 You've never met me either, have you?

UMP45 M16 told me you're...a secret experiment.
I try not to stir up extra trouble so as not to jeopardize the mission, but I'm curious...
Are you willing to be...such a "thing"?

RO635 ...I don't find it disagreeable for the time being.

UMP45 You don't necessarily have to live in the shadow of M4A1...
Besides, her neural cloud isn't particularly mature, so she probably wouldn't have performed much better than you.

RO635 She managed to keep everyone safe in the last operation. That is something I definitely wouldn't have been able to do.

UMP45 The point is, you two are different T-Dolls on different missions...
Why don't you be yourself instead of someone else's substitute?

UMP45 Do you truly wish to protect everyone?

RO635 ...
You don't disappoint, UMP45. I have heard a few things about your squad...
To maintain efficiency, I'll be in charge of the rest of the operation, any objections?

UMP45 None whatsoever...
I'm sure you'll do a much better job than I, Miss RO...
May I call you that?

RO635 Sure, everyone does.
We just want to get out of here as quickly as possible, 45. Can I count on you for help?

UMP45 That's the job Helian has given me. And business is business. That's my motto.

RO635 Thank you. That's all I need to hear.