Hypothermia-3  Operation Homecoming Ⅲ (1)

UMP45 Miss Helian, do you copy?
S.F. has located us. What is the status of the rescue party?

Helian Weather conditions are improving.
The heliports in the area are now fully operational.

416 Finally, some good news.

M16A1 So we can use the heliports anytime, right?

Helian Yes, but only in this area.
And our rescue party is going to arrive later than expected as mobilizing such large forces hinders our efficiency.

UMP9 Huh? Couldn't you send a team to aid us first?

Helian Our recon team has spotted new Sangvis forces in the vicinity.
They are very likely to be a Sangvis unit's backup, so it's very risky to just dive in.
Contact me again after you come up with a specific plan of action. We'll do our best to coordinate with you.

Connection broken.

Gr G11 So...if we don't hurry up, we're gonna be fenced in?

M4 SOPMOD II Then let's just run for it!

RO635 We've used up too many supplies.
It'll be incredibly hard to break through the Sangvis base in our current condition, especially considering the possibility of fighting against two Ringleaders.

UMP45 I know where the supply outpost is in this area, but getting there is gonna take a while.
Besides, if a Sangvis Ringleader decides to actively search for us...

M1887 Leave it to us. We'll stall the encircling forces.
Our aircraft was shot down by Jupiter around here, so we know this area.
And we've been relying on your command throughout the entire operation. We, too, want to be of use.

RO635 ...
I understand. Then please lend me your strength.

RO635 45, please give me the shortest route to the supply outpost.
We're moving immediately.

【HINT】The use of the heliports in this area (applies only to map 3-3 in Operation Arctic Warfare) is not restricted by turns.

Hypothermia-3  Operation Homecoming Ⅲ (2)


RO635 Guys, we've got the supplies. Time to regroup!
The rescue party is about to arrive at the heliport! We'll just have to hang in there for a bit longer and make it through the Sangvis base-

Architect Heheh... Only "about to arrive"?

UMP45 ...!

Gager We've figured out the characteristics of encrypted Griffin signals.
You can no longer scuttle around under our noses...

Architect ...nor break through our blockades head-on!
We've even come up with all the job delegation and defense stratagems!
Well? If you wanna surrender, I can consider keeping your neural cloud backups.

Transmission terminated.

Gr G11 I-Is there no going home?

416 Shut up. Is this really the time to freak out?

M16A1 It IS a bit of a handful to engage two Sangvis Ringleaders at once...

UMP45 However...
I doubt they'd strike at the same time.
Someone has to guard the base and control the cannons.

RO635 That would be Architect.
If the rescue party can storm the base from the back...
UMP45, could you contact Helian?

UMP45 Helian said the rescue party is still several hours away.

RO635 Tough luck...
How can we hold off till then...

UMP45 My, my... Are things really that desperate?
In that case, leave it to us...

RO635 You...?

UMP45 Ja...
Aren't we the perfect answer to this kind of thing?

M16A1 ...

Five minutes later, M16 and RO635 are having a private conversation.

M16A1 (Whispers) RO, remember what I said.

RO635 How could that be? They're here to rescue us.
I heard that for Squad 404, the ends justify the means, but they have never failed.

M16A1 She is ONLY here to rescue US.
If you want everyone to make it safely to the heliport...don't leave everything to her.
Remember. YOU are the one in command.

RO635 I may not be as experienced as you, M16, but do you have to be this wary?

M16A1 If we're talking about the one with the foxy eyes, I'm actually worried that I'm not wary enough.

RO635 What about M4? What would she do?

M16A1 M4? She'd obviously listen to me.
Of course, you don't necessarily have to do that, but you must make your own judgment.

M16 pats RO lightly on the shoulder.

RO635 ...
My own judgment...
(Laughs helplessly) As if T-Dolls can have such a thing...