Hypothermia-4  Operation Homecoming Ⅳ (1)


UMP45 Right. Are the preparations done, RO?

RO635 Are you sure about this, 45?

UMP45 I've given you both our maps and my suggestion. The rest depends on how much you trust me.

RO635 ...Okay.

RO635 Listen. Squad 404 will infiltrate the Sangvis base and shut down the main power supply of the cannons.

M16A1 The same old trick? Architect will be prepared for that.

UMP45 I realized something before.
Her authorization doesn't allow her to guard all the power sources at the same time.

RO635 That will only buy us some time, but it'll be enough for us to move out.

UMP9 On top of the power supply, we'll also sabotage their comms channel.
That will mess up their coordination and buy us even more time.

RO635 That's it. Meanwhile, M1887 will lead the other T-Dolls to draw Gager's attention.

M1887 So we'll be facing two Ringleaders simultaneously?

RO635 Indeed. I'm afraid you'll have to backup your neural clouds beforehand.
Don't worry. You will have my full attention before Squad 404 complete their objective.

M4 SOPMOD II But that's forcing it quite a bit...

RO635 This is our only chance.
The AR Team will raid the the base, hack into its control system and open the gateway leading to the outside.
Then all hands make for the gateway and be ready to welcome the rescue party at the heliport. Understood?

M16A1 RO...
You're the only one we can count on. I hope you understand that.

RO635 Don't worry. I remember what you said.
Please trust me, everyone, and let's go home together.

M1887 I'll obey all orders issued by the one in command, as that is the first order all T-Dolls are given.

UMP45 Very well. Any more objections?
Then let's prepare for our final stand, RO.

Hypothermia-4  Operation Homecoming Ⅳ (2)


Gager Hey! Architect, where are you aiming?
Griffin T-Dolls are running all over the place! Where is your artillery?!

Architect Arghhhhhh I'm having a hard time over here too! The black shirts have cut off my power supply again!
My forces can't guard all the power sources so my cannons are only functioning at half capacity! Come help me out!

Gager If I come back to base, all our important outposts will be taken by Griffin.
I'll send you some of my troops to guard the auxiliary power supply.

Architect Arghhhhhh can't I just come out and fight them myself?!

Gager You're too dumb. If you head out, you'll definitely be surrounded.
Stay in the base and blow up any T-Doll that runs past you!
Leave everything outside to me...

Architect Gager...
B-Be safe!
Make sure you come back alive! Do you hear-

Connection broken.

Gager Architect?
Calling Architect! Do you copy?!
Even comms are down... Could it be 404's doing...?

Gager I was going to let them be, but looks like I was too soft...
I will never surpass Dreamer if I keep wavering...
I must be more brutal! More deranged!

Gager All troops heed my order! Change of objective! Abandon previous plan of capture!
From now on, kill every non-AR Team T-Doll on sight!


M4 SOPMOD II RO, looks like Squad 404's move is working!

M16A1 It's our turn.
Let's infiltrate the base and open the gateway now.

RO635 ...

M1887 Calling RO. Gager's attack is getting more ferocious.
Can we retreat now?

RO635 Not yet, M1887...
Not even close...

M1887 But we might not be able to keep this up for long.

RO635 It would actually be more dangerous if you do.

M1887 What?

RO635 Everyone, a slight change of plan.
Please keep engaging the two Ringleaders.

M16A1 Where are we going, RO?

RO635 A communication outpost. I'm leaving it to you to get in touch with Helian, M16.

M4 SOPMOD II But...Helian's rescue party is too big! They won't make it here in time!

RO635 Then what if...
What if we ask the Commander to come first?

M16A1 ...
The weather condition and the Sangvis blockades on the way all pose considerable risks to the vanguard...

RO635 That's not the point, M16, SOP II...
If it were M4, she would trust her commander, wouldn't she?

Hypothermia-4  Operation Homecoming Ⅳ (3)


UMP45 Too long...
Why are they taking so long...

UMP9 We can't afford to wait any longer, 45.
Their power supply and comms are coming back online in three minutes max.
Once they have auxiliary power, none of us will make it out!

UMP45 We're running out of time. Let's withdraw.

Gr G11 Huh? Are we abandoning the mission?

UMP45 We've cleared the way.
If everything is going according to the plan, the AR Team is on standby somewhere close. They'll find a chance to make their way through.

416 Hey, 45!
What about the others? M1887 and her troops are still in the field.

UMP45 That's not our objective, 416.

416 ...
What about you, 9?
What do you think?

UMP9 I...I only listen to 45...
I don't have anything personal against the AR Team...
But...business is business, right?

416 ...

Gr G11 I...I just take orders. Don't ask my opinion.

416 But the AR Team won't agree to this. They're not like us.

UMP45 They can't say no. This is their only chance.
Either they leave with us alive, or die here with them. We can't save everyone.

416 Has this been your plan all along?

UMP45 Is there a problem, 416?
You yourself don't plan on staying behind either, right?
Mind you, you can't go back to M16. That "squad" no longer exists!

416 ...!

UMP45 Let go of your pathetic pride and join us for real...
Only if we be their stain will they truly value us.

Gr G11 45...

UMP9 45...
The three minutes are almost up, but RO still hasn't responded...

UMP45 ...? Check their coordinates. They should be nearby.

UMP9 No, they're not even in our surveillance area...

Gr G11 What? Are they...not coming?

RO635 Sorry to keep you waiting, 45.
There's been a slight change of plan.
We didn't raid Architect's base and went for an outpost in the other direction instead.

UMP45 What...the hell are you doing?
Doesn't that put us in grave danger?
Once the power comes back online, we're gonna be the first to die.
Have you considered the feelings of your saviors, RO635?

RO635 Don't worry, 45.
Someone will be taking our place. We won't be putting anyone at risk.

UMP45 ...!
Gunfire behind the door!

Thompson Dear me, looks like we've barely made it in time.
Time to clean up. Make sure you keep the dirt away from me...

WA2000 Save your breath, Thompson.
I'll kill everything that gets in our way. Focus on your job.


Architect YESSSSSS! My power is finally back online!
Gager, did you hear me?! Now's the time to flush out the rats!

Gager Architect! Do you copy?!
Large Griffin reinforcement incoming from behind the base! Withdraw at once! Hurry!

Architect Huh...
Huhhhhhhh?! Why are there so many of them?!
Hey, my lady knight! You can't just ignore your superior officer when she's in danger!

Gager You're strong. You'll make it out alive.
I'll meet you outside, so just get out of the base. Quick!

Architect Alright, I'm running!
But you hurry up yourself, 'cause I might get lost in-


Gager Architect?!
Answer me, Architect!

Agent Save it. She failed.
Griffin has dispatched a field commander. Their troops have already started mobilizing.
Your cannon installation drones are no match against those T-Dolls.

Gager Agent...
You found out...

Agent I never expected much from Architect, but...
If you had notified me sooner, it would not have come to this.

Gager I didn't expect them to be so swift.
This is all we could do...

Agent This was my mistake in job delegation...
I had hoped the two of you could acquire more experience in this operation, but my plan was ruined by these trespassing rats...
Thank you for everything you have done. Leave the rest to me.

Gager ...Understood.
I am handing my command authorization to you, Agent.
But as you said, these troops are no match against the Griffin field commander...

Agent Don't forget that I have my own forces...
Hundreds and thousands of units...
It is time to make your acquaintance, Griffin Commander...

Meanwhile, in the Sangvis command post.

Architect Whoa! Why are comms down?!
Huh? Don't tell me...they wrecked the equipment?!

WA2000 Quiet, Architect.
If you so much as twitch a hair, the next thing to be wrecked is your head.

Architect ...
Jeez, so the sniper is already in position?
But don't underestimate me. I can pack quite a punch!

Thompson Really? Perfect...
I was just thinking this job is way too easy.

Architect W-Who the hell are you?!
You have so many T-Dolls with you! That's not fair!

Thompson I'm just a lowly wall plasterer.
But I can't really start working until I see what's been splashed onto the wall.

Architect ...

Architect Fine. Happy?

Thompson Oh? Surrendering just like that?

Architect I'm not obliged to fight to the bitter end anyway.
So long as I have food and water, I don't care where I go.
Well? I'll cooperate, so don't worry!

Helian Capture her first. Have her completely restrained, then bring her back!

WA2000 Careful, Thompson. This could be a trap.

Thompson I've never seen any trap. All I've seen are a bunch of corpses who tried to be clever.
You're not very clever though, are you, Architect?

Architect Ahaha... That's right, I'm an idiot!

WA2000 This is the first time I've seen a Sangvis turncoat...
Who the hell are you? Why do you have such ludicrous authorization?

Architect Uh... Well...

Architect There must be something wrong with me...?
So please be nice to me. I know a lot of interesting things.

RO635 and all T-Dolls have regrouped safely and are withdrawing to the heliport with the Commander's aid...

UMP45 ...
You finally showed up, RO.

RO635 ...
Should I apologize, 45?

UMP45 Why should you? You were in command.
It's just that...
How is your choice any different from M4A1's?

RO635 You mean contacting Helian?

UMP45 I mean trying to save everyone.
If the Commander hadn't listened to you and rushed here at all cost...
All our deaths would've been on you.

RO635 I think I now know...
...why you always do things your way.

UMP45 ...
Then are you content to just lose your sense of self and become someone else's substitute?

RO635 But...what exactly is my "sense of self"?

UMP45 ...

RO635 I was...created for this to begin with.
I will not abandon those who M4 wants to protect.
And I will believe in those who M4 believes in.

UMP45 ...
In any case, you did the right thing in this operation.
Congratulations, AR Team. We may not be able to celebrate with you, but surely we can have a handshake at the very least.

RO635 Of course. I also think you are all exceptional T-Dolls.
It is an honor knowing you, UMP45.

UMP45 Really? But unfortunately...
You won't know us anymore very soon.

RO635 ...!
What is that in your hand?!

UMP45 No reason to fear. Just a small authorization program...
...that will access your neural cloud and delete something...
...about us...

RO635 UMP45, so this is how...

UMP45 Ja, this is how Squad 404 have survived this long...
Can't be helped. Even if we didn't do this, HQ would...
While we still remember each other, RO635, let me tell you one last thing...


UMP45 Plan Parapluie is far from over...
Goodbye then, young autonomous Doll...
I envy you, truly...

Ten minutes later.


RO635 Huh?

M4 SOPMOD II What are you still doing here?! The operation is about to begin!

RO635 Operation? What operation?

M4 SOPMOD II Agent is launching a counteroffensive with a large force! We must repel them!

RO635 Repel?
Aren't we withdrawing?

M16A1 Change of plan, RO.
We have to hold on until the large freighters arrive to carry that thingy away.

RO635 Thingy? What thingy?

M4 SOPMOD II The thingy!
Jupiter, duh!

RO635 Ju...piter...?!

RO635 Are you...kidding me...?

M16A1 I'll explain later. Agent's forces are coming!

M4 SOPMOD II The Commander is also here!
Let's have a proper brawl and bring that thing home with us!

【HINT】Operation Arctic Warfare concluded. Hidden stage unlocked.