헌팅 래빗 작전-1  세인트 엘모 (1)

Territory of dispute, Area S09...


The sound of chewing comes through the channel.

FF FNC Mghmm...nom... (Chewing)

FAL (Sighs) Talk to me after you swallow your snack.

FF FNC Mghmm! Hmm! Mghmmghmmghmm! (Chewing)
Gulp! I'm done! What's up, FAL?

FAL Don't "what's up" me... I'm asking for your report obviously.
You've reached the designated base, right? Taken a good look at the abnormal Sangvis signal yet?

FF FNC Nothing spotted yet...other than some Sangvis patrols.

FAL What about 49? She's scouting at another outpost, isn't she?

FF FNC She did report a lot of stuff. Seriously...she would report anything that twitches.
There IS something that kinda bothers me, (mutters) though it has nothing to do with S.F...

FAL Do tell.

FF FNC The weather! The weather is rather bizarre today...
Strong winds, low air pressure… The sky isn't looking very good either.

FAL Tell me what you see.

FF FNC There...
Look at those black clouds. Don't they look like a whirlpool?
You only see those on weather forecasts, right?
They're like a bunch of angry marshmellows about to explode any second.

FAL You're right. But S.F...shouldn't have any weapons that can affect the weather.
Is this something to worry about? Or am I being paranoid...
FF FNC, next time you'd better...


FF FNC Quoi? What did you say, FAL?


FF FNC Tsk. Such bad timing...
That's why I keep saying FAL babbles too much! Why didn't she just get right to the point?!
What should I do now... Maybe get in touch with 49? Sounds like a plan!

FF FNC calling FF FN49.

FF FN49 FF FNC... Hey...

FF FNC Hmm...her comms are acting up too...
Or could the problem...be with me...?
Or is it...the weather?

FF FN49 FF FNC...watch out...

FF FNC Huh? 49? Come again?

FF FN49 ...Intru...
She's back...watch out!

FF FNC Intrude? What's intruding...?


FF FNC Zut! Comms are completely down! This blasted weather!

FF FNC looks up to the sky.

FF FNC ...!

FF FNC What...the hell is that...?

Sparks appear in the center of the black swirling clouds...

FF FNC ...
This...has to be some kind of special effect, right...?

It's almost like...some "spirit" is gonna come out from there...

FF FNC ...!!

Meanwhile, at Griffin Control in Area S09.

FAL Hey! FF FNC? Hey!
Comms broke down all of a sudden. Could it be the enemy...?
57, go check the connection.

Five-seven There's no problem with our comms.
By the by, I checked before you even asked.

FAL Being a smartass won't get you promoted, ma chère 57.

Five-seven Ouais, ouais, ouais. You prattle too much...
Anyway, don't you think this has something to do with FF FNC's report?

FAL The weather? I reserve my judgment.
Our network would hardly be disrupted by something this minor, and there's been no sign of S.F. using such weapons.

Five-seven But just in case, what if it isn't S.F.?
What I'm saying is that this abnormal weather could be the doing of a third party.
Of course, this could just be total nonsense, bien sûr...

FAL You can be fanciful, but...I do think you have a point.

Five-seven Oh? You agree with me? Must be my lucky day.

FAL One learns to give credit to intuition and luck after a while on the battlefield. That's why you're my vice-leader.

Five-seven I'll take that as a compliment.
Still, it doesn't hurt to be more straightforward every once in while...


Five-seven Whoa!

FAL Ack! These massive quakes...!

Five-seven ...Are originated from the northwest! ...That's the location of our mission!

FAL It spread all the way here? What on earth happened?

Five-seven The precise energy source is currently unknown... Wait, the connection is up again!

FF FNC (Pant...pant…) Is...is anybody there?!

FAL FF FNC! What happened over there?!

FF FNC Thank goodness... The call finally connected!
W...We ran into Intruder!

FAL ...!
Was that her doing just now?

FF FNC No idea... Then...there was lightning in the sky!

FAL ...Quoi?

FF FNC An insanely huge lightning! It blew everything up here like a bomb!

FAL Could lightning...be this destructive?

FF FNC In any case, I wasn't hit...
But Intruder vanished after that. Who knows when she's coming back.
I also found an unconscious human female nearby.

FAL ...A woman?

FF FNC Blonde...wearing some weird clothes. Doesn't seem to be from around here.
But the situation is becoming critical. S.F. units are on the move because of that commotion just now.

FAL We'll move in right away to provide support. Go find 49 immediately.
Protect that woman while you're at it.
Move covertly for now. Rendezvous with us before we retreat together.

FF FNC U-Understood!

FAL Commander, looks like we have to set off.

Five-seven Oh là là! We can finally stop collecting dust in here.
But if that lightning thing really is some sort of Sangvis weapon...not good, is it?

FAL Report this to Helian. They might be able to get some information out of Architect.
This time, things...could be well beyond our imagination.
Allons-y, it's time for Team FF to regroup.

헌팅 래빗 작전-1  세인트 엘모 (2)

Griffin Control in Area S09, after Team FF retreated successfully...

FF FN49 (Sobs) I...I thought I was gonna die for sure!

FF FNC What's there to be scared of, seriously?
Though that crazy lightning did make me jump out of my skin...

Five-seven Alright, alright. As long as everyone is okay...
So, have they figured out what that massive lightning strike was?

FAL Helian asked questions but didn't get much of an answer... Architect seemed pretty shocked too.
If the one in charge of running tests on Sangvis weaponry doesn't have a clue, then it probably has nothing to do with S.F.
Now, the only mystery is... (glances at the blonde girl)
FF FNC, how did you find her?

FF FNC I didn't see her while I was scouting...
But after the lightning strike, she's just there, lying in the rubble.

FF FN49 The way she appeared was so bizarre... D-Do you think she's human? Look at her strange clothes...

FAL Her physical features do suggest she's human, but there's nothing that sheds light on her identity.
Still, she most likely has something to do with the lightning strike...

Blonde girl Hmm... Ugh...

FF FN49 Whoa! S-She's awake!

Blonde girl What a racket... Huh? W-Where am I?

FAL You speak our language? Wonderful...
Please state your identity and objective.

Blonde girl H-Huh? Me?
Argh! My head hurts! What in the world...?
Oh right! I remember falling into a Cauldron, then...

FAL (Sighs) Apologies, but please get to the point.

Noel Ah, I'm sorry! My name is Noel Vermillion! Say, you guys...
This place looks almost like Kokonoe's lab... Are you from Sector Seven?

FAL Sector Seven? What's that?

Noel Uh, sorry. I'm not asking my questions in order. I did pass through a Cauldron, after all...
May I ask, what year is this?

FAL ...2062. This is Griffin Control in Area S09.

Noel ...
The Gregorian calendar?! 100 years ago... Have I traveled this far?!
Area S09... I've never heard of this place before...
Griffin... What on earth...?

FAL …Did you guys pick up a psychiatric patient? (Gestures at her head)

FF FNC I-I don't know... Should I call the hospital?

Five-seven Voilà! Already on it.

Noel W-Wait! I'm not a weirdo!
I know it's hard to believe, but please listen to me...
I'm a traveler from the future.

FAL ...

Noel ...
Sigh...I know. You won't believe me...

FAL Hold on. Do you know what the lightning strike just now was?

Noel Lightning strike?

FAL A massive lightning struck the spot where you appeared. We found you after that.

Noel Lightning strike... Don't tell me...!
I think a ray of light flashed past me while I was passing through the Cauldron. I Then I lost consciousness...
Maybe that's what caused a distortion in space and brought me to this strange place...

Five-seven What to do, FAL? Should we believe in such nonsensical raving?

FAL ...Take her into custody for now. Report her name and do some investigation.

Noel Th-that won't do! I can't stay here! I have to go back!

FF FNC Aren't you a traveler? Can't you just "whoosh!" if you want to go back?

Noel I can't go back without an Observer!

Five-seven Observer? Another new archetype...?

Noel The one who "observes" me... That's right!
She must be here as well! I saw her in the Cauldron!
She suddenly appeared before me together with that lightning strike...
She has long ears...more like bunny ears.

FF FN49 One of our T-Dolls DID wear something like that a few months ago.

FAL Sorry, we didn't find any bunny girl at the scene.

Five-seven It's enough of a shock finding a weirdo like you.

Noel How...could that be...

Five-seven Bien. Follow me, s'il vous plaît? Your room is ready.

Noel (Sobs) Tsubaki... Makoto...
Will I ever see you again...?

After Noel and 57 left...

FAL Phew...what a mess. Isn't it lively tonight?
Commander, do you believe what that nut case said?
If...IF she was telling the truth...

FAL Then we might have missed something terribly important...

Meanwhile, at an abandoned Sangvis factory...

Intruder Curiouser...and curiouser.
I never expected the "spirit" that emerges from there to be this powerful.
I thought we were already at the climax. Who would've thought a new character would be introduced at this point...
Now then...how are you feeling, Miss New Girl?
Destroy all the puppets on this stage as you please...

??? ...

Elphelt Elphelt Valentine. Here to annihilate all unworthy Dolls!