EP. 00-1  Warm-Up Exercise (1)

A month ago, in a territory of dispute in Area S09...

M4A1 Current time is 0559, the sky is clear.

M16A1 Let's get cracking, M4.

M4A1 Persica, this is the AR Team.
We have already reached coordinates V6J69-HJYRV, Rendezvous Point A in Sangvis territory. There is no wind, and the view is clear.
Repeating mission objective——Search for all histories and research data signed with the name ‘Lyco' and bring them back to 16LAB.

M4 SOPMOD II Then...where should we start?

ST AR-15 We'll take over a command post first and hack into the Sangvis database for the information.

M4A1 Our target is the command post over there. AR Team, operation commence.

EP. 00-1  Warm-Up Exercise (2)

M4A1 Command post successfully taken over. Hacking into the database.

ST AR-15 ...Have you guys thought about the objective of our mission this time?

M16A1 Got something to say, AR-15?

ST AR-15 The mission Persica originally requested was to 'collect research data'.
But now we're all the way here in Sangvis territory, looking for stuff left behind by some dead guy...

M4A1 As tactical T-Dolls, we only have to accomplish our missions.

ST AR-15 Yeah... I'm just curious.

M4 SOPMOD II Hey, I got into the database. Come and have a look!

M16A1 ...Oh?
This building designated as Safe House 3 holds a computer main frame used by Lyco to store data back when he was alive.

M4A1 OK. Target confirmed. Let us continue our mission.