EP. 00-2  Dark Information (1)

M4A1 Persica, this is the AR Team. We have targeted a safe house and are currently heading for our destination.

M4 SOPMOD II Let's get going! Tasty Sangvis are waiting for us!

ST AR-15 Behave. We're not here for fun!

M16A1 Stay hidden and finish off the Sangvis scouts. Let's go!

EP. 00-2  Dark Information (2)

M4A1 Calling Persica. The operation is going smoothly. The AR Team has reached Safe House 3.

Persica Woo-hoo! Can you find Lyco's stuff?

M4A1 We have probed the interface, but the system is so archaic we cannot break the verification structure.
We will need a passcode to activate the system promptly.

Persica Hmm... Try '90WISHROCK', followed by the letter 'X', all in caps.

M4A1 ...Verified. Browsing database.

Persica Splendid! Copy everything into your memory bank and bring them back.

M4A1 Understood. Copying data. Comms system will be shut off temporarily.

ST AR-15 ...So, we're messing with a Sangvis database in Sangvis territory, looking for information that even Sangvis Ferri have no idea they have?

M4 SOPMOD II Haha♪ Isn't that fun? It's like a treasure hunt!

?? Indeed. Thanks to you, the treasure is finally ours.

Agent 'Agent', Sangvis Ferri Manufacture. I have been awaiting your arrival.

M16A1 ...Agent?!
Why would such a high-ranking Sangvis unit be here?!

Agent This safe house holds something 'Master' seeks.
Unfortunately, the system is from a bygone time so even we were not able to crack it.

M4 SOPMOD II And so...we've done you a huge favor, haven't we?

Agent Master said you would come for sure.
I just have to capture you, dismember you, and extract your memory banks, and Master will have the 'answer'.

ST AR-15 Detecting signals of numerous Sangvis units! This bitch... She's for real!

M4A1 Copying still in progress. We must persist until it is complete.
Everyone, prepare for defensive maneuver!

EP. 00-2  Dark Information (3)

M16A1 Oh? There are Griffin T-Dolls nearby. Looks like they're having a go at Sangvis Ferri.

M4A1 They are at a disadvantage, but there is nothing we can do.

M4 SOPMOD II Hmm? Can't we pop over and lend a hand?

ST AR-15 Save it, SOP-II. You only want to debone some Sangvis.

M4 SOPMOD II Heheh♪ Busted.