EP. 00-3  Defend the Base (1)

M4A1 They have surrounded the safe house! Get into positions and prepare for battle!

M16A1 There are too many of them! Mind your surroundings and save ammo, especially you, SOP-II!

M4 SOPMOD II I will! AR-15, watch my back!

ST AR-15 Leave it to me! M4, will that affect your ability to issue commands?

M4A1 No, the transfer does not take up too much RAM. Still, you will have to keep an eye on enemy movements for me, M16.

M16A1 Piece of cake. Just hang on for a little longer, and we'll all go home together!

EP. 00-3  Defend the Base (2)

M16A1 The first wave is over. Let's catch our breath.

M4 SOPMOD II Dammit! There's no end to this! Can't we contact Persica?

M16A1 Sangvis Ferri has already sniffed us out. All pre-set communications modules have been automatically deactivated to avoid leaking 16Lab's intelligence.

M4A1 Transfer only at 50%. Can you hold on till it is complete?

ST AR-15 No, we're too outnumbered. Another round and we're sitting ducks.

M16A1 ...Guys, there is a way.
A backup squad from Griffin is in the area. They've been on stand-by for a long time, so they were most likely left behind.
M4, change our authorization signals and make it their priority to support us.

M4A1 Understood. AR-15, SOP II.
Please direct the squad in repelling enemy forces. M16, stay here and protect me.

M4 SOPMOD II Got it. Make sure you hang in there till we come back for you!

Half an hour later.

M4A1 ...Transfer complete!

M16A1 Phew!
The backup squad seems to be working.

M4A1 Yes. Get AR-15 and SOP-II. We are getting out of here.

Agent No, you aren't...

M16A1 Agent's signal is fast approaching!

Agent ...Rubbish T-Dolls that can only wield useless metal sticks in petty fights against maggots in the kitchen!



M4A1 ...Cough...cough! M16...cough...where are you...

Agent You don't have time to worry about someone else, M4A1.

M4A1 Ugh!

Agent ...Because...I have brought Death to your doorstep.