EP. 00-4  Final Challenge (1)

Agent I have brought Death to your doorstep.
Now, open your eyes...

Agent Look at me, Tactical Doll M4A1, look at me.

Agent It's time for your finale, and you must stay till the show is over.

M4A1 Cough...

Agent Interesting. Even the look in your eyes is different from theirs in the face of Death.
But this is the look I want. Show more shock! More indignation! More hatred!

M4A1 Cough...cough...

Agent You've stolen something that's very important to Master. Do you think you can just leave?
I'll kill you first, then your AR Team, and those Griffin T-Dolls still slaving away for you.
Very soon, they'll be completely at a loss, like infants who've lost their parents.
They'll struggle blindly on the battlefield, and fall prey to us...

Agent You just have to die... And you will, in just a few more seconds!

M16A1 ...Sorry, but she won't be dying here.

Agent ...!

M16A1 I'll spare you the wait! Go to hell right now,
Sangvis scum!

M4A1 Cough...cough...

M16A1 Yeah, thank me. Death's scythe missed you by a hair's breadth yet again.

M4A1 Phew... M16, how is the situation outside? AR-15 and SOP-II are still...

ST AR-15 We're back, but Sangvis reinforcements are here. We have to retreat soon.

M4 SOPMOD II The backup squad can hold them off for a while. Let's go!

M16A1 M4, you all right issuing commands? You seem to be in pretty bad shape.

M4A1 I am fine...cough... M16, please do some repairs on me. I will run a diagnostic on my command system first.

M4A1 It is fine. The tactical maps are intact. What about the comms system?

Skorpion Comms are functioning normally! We're hearing you loud and clear!

M4A1 (...So they are the squad that stayed behind.)
...I am so sorry, but you will have to bring up the rear.

PPSh-41 No problem, comrade. It's our duty.

M4A1 (...They...still have no idea they are being left behind.)
Thank you. We will finish evacuating as soon as possible.

ST AR-15 The backup squad can't hold them off forever. We have to hurry!

EP. 00-4  Final Challenge (2)

M4 SOPMOD II Phew... Can we catch our breath yet?

ST AR-15 Not yet! There are still too many of them! We can't make it out!

M16A1 Then let's switch to backup Plan C, just as we've agreed.

M4A1 You mean...I return to Griffin HQ alone and ask for help?

M16A1 Yeah. We'll scatter to draw their fire. That'll buy you some time.

M4A1 But...if that Sangvis is still alive, you'll...!

ST AR-15 Stop dawdling, M4! This is the safest way!

M4 SOPMOD II That's right, you're our only hope!

M4A1 ...Understood. Be careful.

M16A1 All right! Everyone scatter and draw away the Sangvis troops!

M4A1 I WILL find a dependable field commander. Wait for me.
I have to, for everyone's sake.

M4A1 That is what happened.

M16A1 Some things are inevitable.
If what UMP45 said is true, then this place will soon turn into a real battlefield, just like last time.

M4A1 Just like last time... But with more fire and blood.

M16A1 Haha. Scared, M4?

M4A1 The AR Team has reunited. Nothing can be more reassuring.
Let them come, whoever they are.
Whether we win or die, so long as we are together...
I can ask for no better ending.