EP. 01-1  Drill (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Lively Young Girl Morning, Commander.
This is your first time at Griffin's Control Center, isn't it? How are you feeling?

Lively Young Girl I'm so glad you've decided to join us at Griffin.

Kalina Let me introduce myself. I'm Kalina, your logistics officer.
Just call me Kalin. And you are...?

Kalina 'Choose us. Join us. Griffin Security Contractor, the shining beacon in a brave new world!'
That's right. Starting from today, you're a Tactical Commander under Griffin!

Kalina ...Hmm, you're still wondering whether you're up for the job?

Kalina Don't worry. Griffin's selection process is notoriously tough.
If you can pass the test, there must be some promising talent in you.

And I'll help you dig out this talent...and see what you're made of.
Now, please switch to your tactical map.

Kalina Can you hear me, Commander?
Your T-Dolls are in position and ready to deploy.
Please deploy them and begin the drill!

EP. 01-1  Drill (2)

...Drill operation successful. Commencing final wrap-ups.
At that moment...

STEN Mk Ⅱ Excuse me... Are you Griffin troops?
Oh, thank goodness! Safe at last! Could you take me with you?
Thank you so much, Commander! I'll do my best!

...We seem to have come across a stranded T-Doll manufactured by Griffin,
so we've brought her back along with our troops.

Kalina Huh? A stranded T-Doll?
Thank goodness you took her in, that poor thing.

Kalina Sangvis attacks have intensified all of a sudden in the last few days.
We've lost a few command posts, and lots of T-Dolls were either stranded or left behind...

Kalina So if it's possible, please save as many of 'em as you can.
Not just to expand our forces, but also to save HQ some manufacturing orders.

Kalina And more importantly, these T-Dolls are all hella cute!
...I know right? I just knew you'd love 'em!
Human or T-Doll, we all have our own missions, and are all irreplaceable members of Griffin.
With that in mind, I'm sure you'll rock this job!

Kalina Now to give you a better idea of your job, Commander...

Kalina Griffin Security Contractor is a private military organization comprised mainly of Tactical Dolls.
It is our duty to accept commissions from financial groups and other organizations and safeguard human settlements.
As of now, the biggest threats to our territories are rogue T-Dolls manufactured by Sangvis Ferri.

Kalina And your job is to manage and direct T-Doll troops in repelling Sangvis forces in the area.

Kalina I'm sure you'll do great. The drill result speaks for itself, right?
Then that settles it! For the sake of everyone at Griffin, please make good use of your talent!

Kalina And that's the end of this operation, Commander.

Kalina Oh, remember to check your list of 【Quests】 and accept that T-Doll's enlistment!