EP. 01-1N  Petite Courrier I (1)

Griffin Control, Area S09.

MchG5 Thank you for coming to give us a hand. Please allow me to brief you on this operation.
After Griffin had reclaimed Area S09, Internal Affairs planned to convert it into human settlement.
But just as the reconstruction began, our scouts suddenly reported that a vast number of Sangvis troops were stationed some distance away.
We need more exact information on our enemies as evidence for Miss Helian to negotiate with the construction contractor.
To that end, we need a T-Doll to check in with the others and acquire the newest reconnaissance report.
She's already in position, Commander. I'll let her say hello.

Gr MP5 G-Greetings. I am MP5 of Griffin.
Um... I believe you are the commander who reclaimed Area S09? It is an honor to meet you.
Now, to avoid alerting the enemy, we will be operating under the cover of night.
Night vision goggles would be a great help, and armor-piercing bullets would also be very effective against armored units.
Please guide me to the rendezvous point with the first T-Doll scout when you finish your preparation.

EP. 01-1N  Petite Courrier I (2)

...Arrived at the first rendezvous point.

Gr MP5 Report

MchG5 Looks like things are going smoothly. We were a bit worried whether this mission would be too much for you.

Gr MP5 Heheh. It is all thanks to the commander's guidance. I will also be careful.

MchG5 Good. Then have you found the scout in the area?

Gr MP5 Um... I do not know where she is. Maybe she is hiding herself?

?? I'm scouting in enemy territory. Of course I'm hiding.

Gr MP5 Ah! Who is it?!

WA2000 Hush... The Sangvis troops are right next to us. Stop shouting, or do you actually wanna die?

Gr MP5 (Whispers) S-Sorry...Miss WA2000. What is your situation over here?

WA2000 My situation? I'm perfectly well, of course. As for the situation over here? Not so much.
There are armored bugs prowling all over the place. How did you manage to sneak in alone?

Gr MP5 Me? I am being escorted by a commander in this area.

WA2000 Huh? What?!
Hey! Why have we suddenly switched to the commander's channel?!

Gr MP5 Hush... Please keep your voice down. We are right next to Sangvis troops!

WA2000 (Whispers) I-I know. You don't have to remind me...

WA2000 Um... So you're the commander in Area S09?
Uh... Thanks for your help, and...
...That's all. I salute you. Over.

Gr MP5 Huh? Is that all?

WA2000 We're T-Dolls. We just have to carry out our missions.

Gr MP5 But...you seem to be blushing? Are you embarrassed?

WA2000 W-Why would I be?! Besides, I was born to fight. It's only natural that I'm not good with words!

Gr MP5 So are you admitting or denying your embarrassment...

WA2000 Shut up. Aren't you here for the recon report? You got it, so get lost already.

Gr MP5 Thank you, Miss WA. Here are some supplies that Miss G36 prepared especially for you.

WA2000 Oh... Chocolate ice cream? As expected of G36. She knows me.
But don't you dare tell a soul... WA2000 loves ice cream? What a joke.

Gr MP5 Um... I am very sorry...
But actually... The commander is still on the line...

WA2000 ...
...Why didn't you say so earlier?!