EP. 01-2  Transport the Injured (1)

Control Center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction.
Preparing to commence our next drill as planned...

Kalina Sorry, Commander...
We should be continuing with our drills, but there's been a change of plans...
HQ needs whatever help they can get, so...

?? ...Let me explain.

Kalina Eek! ...Then I'll leave it to you, Miss Helian.

A video call from HQ is patched through.

Stern Woman in Uniform ...
Greetings, Commander.
This is Helianthus, Senior Acting Officer of Griffin.

Helian Let's skip the pleasantries. And for efficiency's sake, just call me Helian.
As you know, Sangvis Ferri has recently launched multiple attacks in Area S09 without prior notice.
This is a huge blow on Griffin's reputation so the higher-ups are taking this very seriously.
As HQ takes on the Sangvis forces, they've also sent me to investigate the reason behind their sudden riot.
Words from above, Commander,are that you'll be assisting me in my work till it's done.

Kalina Hmm... Please hold on a sec, Miss Helian.
Our commander just reported for duty and has only participated in one drill. In terms of experience...

Helian (Sighs) ...I know this might be stretching it a bit, but we don't have time or manpower to spare.
But don't worry, Commander. Judging from your past results, you're more than qualified for this mission.
As for experience, you can always get it on the real battlefield...

Helian According to the latest report, enemy movements were detected behind the field. We're guessing those are Sangvis scouts.
They're very few in number, but we can't possibly let them roam free in times like this.
Please dispatch troops to the designated locations. Destroy the Sangvis forces and command posts to prevent our intel from being leaked.
That is all, Commander. Do your best and show us what you're worth.

EP. 01-2  Transport the Injured (2)

...We successfully crushed the Sangvis squad and destroyed the communications system in their command post.

Helian The operation went smoothly. You did quite well, Commander...
No... I must say, your performance against the Sangvis forces far exceeded my expectations.
Hmm? Is there something you're not clear on Sangvis Ferri?
...True. The enlistment was a bit rushed so you haven't had much chance to acquire more information.

Helian Sangvis Ferri Manufacture is an industrial producer specializing in Tactical Dolls.
Due to their possession of some undisclosed technology, Sangvis T-Dolls have extremely high battle efficiency.
However, not long ago, their T-Dolls suddenly went rogue and launched indiscriminate attacks against all humans within their factory.
They are now occupying a vast area of human settlements and strategically expanding their territory.

Helian These Sangvis T-Dolls are, without a doubt, enemies of humanity.
As their territory borders areas under Griffin's jurisdiction, we have been recruiting suitable candidates to assume command and coordinate our operations.
And so, Commander, once again I welcome you to Griffin.
No matter what the future has in store for us, I thank you for being here today.

An incoming call request from HQ pinged in the channel.

Helian Sorry, give me a second...

Helian turns and corresponds with HQ.

Helian Yes... Yes.
Hmm? Those T-Dolls have been found? ...Thank goodness. (Sigh of relief)
...That can be arranged. I have someone here who can provide aid.
Sure. Leave it to me, Mr. Kryuger.

Helian ...Sorry for the wait, Commander.
I just received a call from HQ. I'll be giving you an important mission.
Let me confirm the intel first. See you in a bit.