EP. 01-2E  Advanced Training II (1)

Helian Oh? So you're here already, Commander.
Then let's begin your new training mission without further ado.
If memory serves, this is where you received your first assignment from Griffin, isn't it?
How time flies...
Ah... It's nothing. Best of luck, Commander.

EP. 01-2E  Advanced Training II (2)

...Combat over.

Helian Well done for passing another test.
That's right. It was a test. So was your last mission, as are the next coming few.
To repel Sangvis Ferri, we must select outstanding commanders...
And make them into some sort of...'tactical reserve'.
Uh... Don't worry. We're not gonna turn you into canned food.
It's just that when the situation calls for it, we may delegate operations that are more urgent to you.
It entails great responsibilities, Commander, so please be prepared.
After all, Sangvis Ferri won't wait for us.